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What is happening in CAS!!

Secondary Science Demonstrations for Primary Students

On Wednesday 7th November all year 3 classes had the opportunity to walk over to the secondary science laboratories for some exciting science demonstrations related to what they were learning about; states of matter and reactions. Some year 12 students volunteered to help with this session. In Dr. Belal’s lab, they showed two chemical reactions where changes of states occur: she made giant elephant toothpaste amid lots of oohing and aahing. She also created a reaction that produced a green flame! The year 3 students then moved on to Mr. Yau’s lab where he showed them how dry ice sublimes and made a soap bubble that took ages to burst and got really big! The year 12s could not believe how some of the year 3s answered some tough science questions! It was a  great opportunity for all students concerned and a pleasure to watch

Minya Trip, September 2018

The weekend of September 13th to 16th, the year 12s travelled 280 km down the river Nile to the city of Minya where they stayed for 4 days helping out the local community, in cooperation with Habitat for Humanity. The experience, which was an introduction to the IB CAS program, touched everybody. From the physical labour such as carrying buckets of sand or plastering wall after wall, to the bare footed children welcoming the group with wide smiles and filled with admiration for us, it was an experience that we will not easily forget. This trip made us all step out of our comfort zone and pushed us to grow individually. In addition, it has taught us to give back to Egypt, the country that we live in both as nationals or expats. Yet I have to say, thankfully Mcdonald’s was across the street from our hotel which enabled us to stay well-nourished!      By Juliette Loubens (Year 12)