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Examination Results

Exam results

At the New Cairo British International School we do not just pride ourselves on our students’ personal development through our Pastoral, Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE) and Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) programmes, but also on our outstanding examination results.

The tables below show the results of NCBIS students for the last four years at (I)GCSE, GCE and at IB Diploma level.  Where available the average results from UK or IB Diploma schools have been included for comparison.

GCSE Results

Exam Results
We are very proud to say that in the 2013 -14 cohort, Ahmed Affendy gained nine straight A* grades and Thomas King gained 8A* and an A. We must also remember that 100% of our student body takes (i)GCSE examinations, and that as we are a non-selective school this includes many international students studying in their third or fourth language, learning English at the same time as academic content in English. Our statistics are also inclusive of the few students who receive learning support at our school and are based on an average of 9 (i)GCSE subjects, though many take AS or even A level language exams at the same time as their GCSE subjects. Are they just academic? Definitely not! This group included nationally ranked tennis players, athletes, club football and rugby players as well as students enjoying orchestra, musicals, drama productions, bands, model United nations and International award!

GCE Results 2010-2012

Previous GCSE results
IB Diploma results 2013 – 2014

IB Exam results

Where do our graduates study?

Most move on to their first choice “Top 100” universities in the UK, Netherlands, USA and Canada, but many returns to their native country. A few have taken their international-mindedness to the next level and now find themselves in China and Oceania. Degrees tend to be more linked to Medicine, Engineering, Sciences in general, Geology and Business / Economics. This year (2014), we have interest in Oxbridge examinations and entrance to Ivy League Colleges.

World class students, first class citizens!

If our impressive statistics don’t convince you, University of Durham research and analysis allows us to state that our results place us at or above the 90th percentile. This means that our students achieved higher results than 90% of similar schools, with similar ability international pupils.  Now that is something to write about! (And they’re wonderful people, a joy to teach and they’re making a real difference in the local community through their leadership skills and application of the ideals of the IB Learner profile.) That’s why we are so proud of our school and students! Please see sections on CAS projects, sporting success and the creativity of our students.

Better still, don’t take our word for it, come and visit us upon your arrival in country and ask the students themselves! You will be amazed by their eloquent confidence, empathy, presence, maturity and charisma and understand what we mean when we say that NCBIS is:

One family, many cultures!