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Secondary House Captains

Mohamed Alsharshari
Student house co-ordinator 2

Hi everyone! My name is Mohamed Shershari and I am one of two House Coordinators at NCBIS. I have been at this school for 5 years and I have seen numerous changes during my time. I really enjoyed the fun and engaging activities that we do every week, so I decided to become a House Coordinator. This role has allowed me to interact with students around the school and listen to their thoughts and opinions regarding house events and how we can improve them. I consider myself to be a positive and energetic individual and I want to spread this energy with the other students, making them feel part of the NCBIS family.

Zeina El Deeb
Student house co-ordinator 1

Hi! my name is Zeina El Deeb and am currently enrolled in my second year of the IBDP. My passion beyond school ground is motivating and enabling others to be the best possible version of themselves, which is exactly why I chose to be one of the student house co-ordinators. My job takes the student body's wants and needs with regards to what they want to see happen in everyday student life. I help plan and carry out events throughout the school and conduct each event among the other House Captains in order to get each student involved and explore themselves within a team building and group dynamic, I also try and host events that would encourage students to leave their comfort zone while engaging with others as they contribute to their house's success through their motivation and team spirit.

Chloe Rockingham
House Vice Captain (Water)

Hi, my name Chloe Rockingham and I am the vice-captain of water. I currently study Drama, Spanish, Biology, Chemistry, History, Business, Maths, and English. I have participated in leadership roles in previous years such as student council and prefect. I have been in this school my whole life, therefore, I am aware of the house events that were successful and that failed so I think I can improve the house system. I am said to be caring, creative, approachable and a good leader. If any of you have any suggestions then I am open to everything.

Luc Bagust
House Captain (Water)

Hi, my name is Luc, I am doing my first year in IB I study Art, Business, German, biology, Maths, and English Lang/ Lit. I am English and Dutch and have lived around the globe so I am an international student. I believe that I have the characteristics to be a good leader and make sure that Water house will do well this year. I also believe in house spirit and that it is important to keep house participation going as it makes students school life more enjoyable. I recently moved to Egypt, but this can be seen as an advantage as I have seen how a house system functions in a different school, so I will be able to implement the ideas from my old school to this school. I am a very imaginative person and have lots of ideas that I would want to implement. I work well with others and I'm also very open minded and a good listener.

Jana Zaki
House Vice Captain (Fire)

Hi! my name is Jana Zaki, and I am the fire Vice- house captain, I am currently in 11JN and completing my second year of IGCSE, I chose to take on this role for several reasons such as; motivating others and expanding my leadership skills. Throughout this year I would like to encourage everyone to participate in many house event, but most importantly expose all the potential in every student in the Fire House community. Throughout my 5 years at NCBIS I have represented the school in everything from sports to education in MS, JV and V football, Dubai 2018 Netball, COBIS, 2017 Swimming Dubai, WSC and MUN. I feel that I am an approachable, open-minded and a positive role model. My main objective is too simply try to make everyone participate to the best of their abilities and most importantly create a positive and optimistic atmosphere.

Dina Hatem
House Captain (Fire)

My name is Dina Hatem and I am the fire house captain and I am in 12EB. I study Economics, French, English, Business, Maths, and physics. This is the first time I am involved in a leadership role in NCBIS. I feel this year IB will teach me the perfect skills needed to achieve full success with this house. I have been at this school since reception, which is about 13 years. This just emphasizes the fact that I am extremely devoted to this school as this has been my second home and a place where I feel safe. I am excited to motivate other fire students to achieve their full potential and to make this year one that is more spiritual and fun. I am an older sister so I understand the responsibility that comes with a leadership role, as I am considered to be a caring, principled and open-minded person. I am super excited to be involved in all events as I believe this year will be different from the rest and more meaningful.

Farah Hegazy
House Vice Captain (Earth)

Hi, my name is Farah Hegazy I am the current vice house captain for Earth house. I am in year 11 and I take French, chemistry, biology, business, history, and art for my IGCSE subject. So far I am honoured to say that I have been in NCBIS for 12 years now. I truly consider NCBIS my second home and the NCBIS community family. NCBIS is the reason behind who I am today a strong independent person this school has taught everything I know. other than this school is in charge of academically educating me it taught me how to treat others, how to take care of my mental and physical health and how I can positively impact my life and the life of others. NCBIS has taught me never to give up and that hard work always leads to success. This is why I ran for vice house captain this year because I truly believe that with the characteristics NCBIS has planted within me I can have a positive impact on my house and team. I also understand the responsibilities that come with any leadership role and I can easily and thoroughly handle them. I am a very positive, optimistic and energetic person.

Yara Abdel Moneim
House Captain (Earth)

Hi, my name is Yara Abdel Moneim and I'm currently in year 12, this being my 14th year in the school. I'm the earth house captain, which is a role I enjoy doing very much as I enjoy the responsibilities it has to offer, such as leading earth house to victory. I'm currently in my first year of IB; I take English literature, maths, history, sports science, business, and Spanish. I'm also interested in competing and playing sports and I've represented the school in many sporting events such as basketball, volleyball, and football. The housing system at NCBIS plays a big role amongst the students ranging from sports day to the end of term events and break time activities. House systems play a big role in my school life and I wanted to give more to my house and I believed the best way to do that was to become the house captain. Of course, I would like to have a positive impact and ensure that everyone in the house participates in as many house events as possible while enjoying themselves to the fullest regardless of whether we win or not despite that being the priority. Therefore, the role of house captains and vice captains are important as the houses need strong leadership to guide them towards success while ensuring that they are enjoying themselves. Also, this year, we hope to make house activities more enjoyable for everyone and to ensure that everyone gets involved.

Charlotte-Marie Bien Betourne
House Vice Captain (Air)

Hi my name is Charlotte-Marie Bien Betourne and I am the vice captain to Sauhaard Walia in the current academic year. I am an active member of the NCBIS community and have been involved in many sporting competitions and drama productions. I really think that these extra-curricular events are worthwhile in developing students abilities outside of their subjects, which is why I applied to become a House Vice-captain. To promote this extra-curricular involvement from within my house. I really look forward to helping out at the house events and trying to promote healthy competition and school spirit in doing so.

Sauhaard Walia
House Captain (Air)

Hi, my name is Sauhaard Walia and I am the air house captain in the current academic year. I am a student studying in year 11 and this is my 5th year as a part of NCBIS and also my first year in ib in which my subjects include: Mathematics, Computer science, Economics, Business at an HL level and English and Spanish at SL. Outside of these, my interests include several different activities such as football, sports on a whole and videogames and I believe that the role of house captain is a significant one in NCBIS as it is a method of representing each house through an individual and it is that role that leads by example and helps motivate others. I had given my application for this role as I felt as if I were a positive role model and one that sets a good example towards others within our school and can help others to get more enthusiastic about housing events. Furthermore, I believed as if I would be a student who would be able to promote and sustain regular attainment to all the separate house events. My intentions with this role would be simply to have a positive and a significant impact towards the housing system in our school as it is something as a student myself I enjoy taking part in the most in NCBIS