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Our LocationRoad 17, 1st District, 3rd Zone, 5th Settlement, New Cairo, Egypt

House Captains

Vice and House Captains 2017/2018

[info title=”Fire House Captain”]

My Name is Luis Carrizo, I am 17 years old and I am Fire House’s Captain. I am from Venezuela, where I have lived for 11 years before moving to Moscow, Russia and living there for 4 years and after coming here to Cairo. I speak English, Spanish and a bit of Russian. I truly enjoy being part of Fire, as you learn to communicate effectively towards a common goal, and also being a part of the student leadership program, which facilitates the student’s ability to become involved and thoughtful leaders. I enjoy sciences, mathematics and languages, outside of the classroom I am very passionate about basketball, baseball and volleyball. I have become a House Captain with the purpose of not only leading my team to success, but also to build a sense of community and co-operation within my team and other teams.[/info]

[info title=”Fire House Vice-Captain”]

Hello, hope you are having a great day! My name is Roman Lavrikov and I come from the Russian Federation. This year (2017-2018) I was elected to be the vice-Captain of the Fire House at NCBIS. Who am I? Let me tell you: I am a huge football fan, a guitarist, a gamer, a swimmer and a chess player. What a mix, isn’t it?! In my studies I tend to focus on mathematics and IT, however I pay attention to sciences like chemistry and physics and languages which I know so far: Russian, English, German and Spanish. As a year 11 student, I felt like having more responsibilities would have a positive impact on my skills of communication and teamwork, which are essential for anyone. The house system of NCBIS always inspired me with their innovative competitions and great spirit that was filling anyone who took part in any of those competitions. So, I hope to help my house compete with others and most importantly have fun![/info]

[info title=”Water House Captain”]

Hello, my name is Zeina el Deeb and I am the House Captain for Water and Student Council Representative for Year 12. I’m Egyptian however, i’ve managed to learn so much throughout my time in NCBIS from the diverse number of cultures and ethnicities. I enjoy History, Psychology and English, and also enjoy taking part in a range of different sports outside of school. Being a student leader is such a great opportunity to learn how to communicate and work collaboratively in a team. Becoming a House Captain allows me to spread my positivity and team spirit throughout each and every water house member. Being apart of the Student Council allows people me to be a representative for such an intelligent and bright year group and my goal is to make everyone’s voice heard loud and clear.[/info]

[info title=”Water House Vice-Captain”]

Hi, my name is Nicole Stark and I am the Water House Vice Captain. I’m 15 and in Year 11. As a Vice House Captain my role is to inspire a shared vision among my house members. I enjoy English, Biology and Art. I also enjoy doing drama, athletics, volleyball, listening to music and reading. I became a student leader because I love to share enthusiasm with others. I very much enjoy getting involved and getting others involved. Being a student leader is important because it allows you to develop the essential leadership skills which will benefit you throughout your lifetime. As a Vice Captain, I want to help bring others in my house out of their comfort zone, allowing them to experience things that they usually wouldn’t be eager to. [/info]

[info title=”Air House Captain”]

Hi, my name is Galal Abou El Dahab and I am the current House Captain of Air. Throughout my time at NCBIS I’ve held numerous leadership positions enabling me to excel at this role. This is my thirteenth year here at NCBIS, and possessing this role is a huge privilege for me whilst also a responsibility. I enjoy almost all sporting activities (especially football) as I consider myself to be an athletic and energetic person. I am looking forward to collaborating with my house and hopefully leading us to victory![/info]

[info title=”Air House Vice-Captain”]

Hello, So who am I? Well my name is Alinafe (Ali) Likhwide, I’m from South Africa and I’ve been at NCBIS for two years now and I absolutely love it. I’m currently in year 11 taking a total of 8 subjects excluding PE which are: Maths, English, French, Geography, Business, Chemistry, Biology and my favourite Art. I’m a self taught Artist, Photographer and Dancer. My current hobbies include: drawing, singing, reading, writing, playing soccer, taking photos, eating, dancing and enjoying life as much as I can, whilst still respecting others. I aspire to one day expand my talents and become an artist, professional photographer or Psychologist as I love helping people. My love for helping people, my enthusiastic personality and the skills that are strengthened by my role, such as responsibility and organisation, inspired me to want to become a vice captain this year. NCBIS has become my home and I hope it will be yours too.[/info]

[info title=”Earth House Captain”]

Hi, my name is Amirah from Year 12 and I come from Malaysia. I have a sister who is 2 years younger than me in the same year and people think we are twins. Being 18, that makes me the oldest in the year group. Therefore, I hold the greatest responsibility to promote the best example to all, by showing creativity, enthusiasm, and passion. Throughout the 2 years of my life at NCBIS, I joined the school’s netball and volleyball team, and did various sports I had never taken part in before. This academic year, I decided to commit to volleyball and utilise every second of the training sessions efficiently. In my opinion, ECAs are vital because the activities enable students to try new things and explore their ability and talents. Since this is my last year here, I will do anything I can to support Earth House and to ‘bring out the best in them!’ Last but not least, I am really looking forward to make this year the most victorious year for Earth![/info]

[info title=”Earth House Vice-Captain”]

Hi, my name is Yara Abdel Moneim and I’m currently in year 11 which is possibly my last year in NCBIS after being here for almost 13 years. I’m the earth vice house captain which is a role I enjoy doing very much as I enjoy the responsibilities it has to offer such as leading earth house to victory. I am currently in my last year of my GCSEs and I take a wide variety of subjects such as PE, History, Geography, Chemistry and Biology. My favorite subjects are PE and English as I enjoy them the most. I’m also interested in competing and playing sports and I’ve represented the school in many sporting events such as basketball, volleyball and football. The housing system at NCBIS plays a big role amongst the students ranging from sports day to the end of term events and break time activities therefore the roles of house captains and vice captains are important as the houses need strong leadership to guide them towards success while ensuring that they are enjoying themselves. i applied for the role because it requires someone with enthusiasm as well as good leadership and team work and someone who is approachable and i believe i have all these traits, Also, house systems play a big role in my school life and I wanted to give more to my house and I believed the best way to do that was to become the vice captain. Of course, I would like to have a positive impact and ensure that everyone in the house participates in as many house events as possible while enjoying themselves to the fullest regardless of whether we win or not despite that being the priority. [/info]