Principal’s Welcome

Mr Hurrell

Mr Hurrell

Welcome to The New Cairo British International School (NCBIS), a school I am honoured to be a part of. I hope you find our website both easy to use and informative. If you do not find all your answers here please get in touch with us. We are here to help you.

Our school could not be more aptly named. We are ‘New Cairo’ to reflect our location in this wonderful part of Cairo but we are also new in attitude as we constantly strive to be at the vanguard of educational provision.  At NCBIS your child will receive an education based on the best of British values and traditions but one that is also designed to foster an international mindset. This is manifested in our formal curriculum which fuses the best of British and international programmes to allow our students to acquire the appropriate balance of knowledge, understanding and enquiry based skills to succeed at university and beyond.

Our Primary school students follow the Primary Years Programme (PYP), a course of study that ‘prepares students to be active participants in a lifelong journey of learning’. The Dutch stream, an integral part of our school history and culture, also bases their curriculum on the PYP but modify it where necessary. In Key Stage 3, the first three years of secondary school, we offer the English National Curriculum  leading to the IGCSE / GCSE examinations in Key Stage 4. Our senior students have the opportunity to take the prestigious IB Diploma, an internationally renowned programme of study that opens the doors to the best universities in the UK and around the world.

We are proud of our academic success and the fact that year after year our graduates secure their first choice course in their first choice university but we know too that our graduates’ success is not solely based on their academic excellence. The most sought after universities clearly attach great importance to academic achievement but they also want students who will make a wider contribution to their university and, by extension, to the world. They seek the ‘all-rounder’, the student that has shown commitment, that has a social conscience and strives to make a positive difference. These are character traits embodied by the NCBIS graduate and advanced by the IB Diploma. Our focus on academic accomplishment, therefore, is only part of the educational experience we offer our students. The wider curriculum allows our students to pursue and widen their interests in a wide array of areas, including sports, languages, music, drama and environmental and charitable concerns. These endeavours permit NCBIS students to develop their personal, social and leadership skills.

Our membership of national, regional, and international organisations such as CIBSA, CISSA, BSME, MEUC and COBIS permits our students to travel both within Egypt and beyond and engage in activities, competitions and conferences with students from like-minded schools, thereby ‘broadening their horizons’ in the fullest sense. The Council of International Schools (CIS), of which we are an accredited member, commended our pastoral programme as a particular strength and visitors to our school always remark on the calm and caring atmosphere that prevails among all year groups. We are highly protective of our welcoming ethos and never underestimate the importance of a smiling face. At NCBIS students are encouraged to follow their dreams.

None of this would be possible without teachers of the highest calibre, recruited from the best UK and international schools worldwide. In all our endeavours we are fortunate to receive tremendous parental support. We foster a sense of community and understand that positive home-school links are key to our success. We proudly celebrate our successes but at the same time we are proactive and forward-looking and realize that change and improvement must be constant.

It is true that a website, no matter how good, can only give a flavour of a school. There is no substitute for seeing a school at first hand so I extend to you the warmest of welcomes to come and visit us at the school. Our doors are always open to you.

Mr Graham Hurrell