House Captains

Vice and House Captains 2016/2017

Fire House Captain
Hi, I am Roman and I come from Poland. I am the FIRE House Captain! I just passed my GCSE exams with the results of 3A*, 5A and 2B including A* from Math, Physics and Chemistry. I am hugely interested in old cars especially in the technical aspects, and how they work. I spend my free time involved in music, either listening to it or playing it myself. This is why I am looking forward to all the music house events. In my past, I was in many different school systems such as American, French, English, Polish and Dutch. I am now the House Captain of Fire to support FIRE students and teach them teamwork.
Fire House Vice-Captain
Hello! My name is Luis Carrizo, I am in Yr.11 and I am the Vice-Captain for the Fire House. I take part in P.E, Arts, 3 Sciences, English, Maths and French. I am from Venezuela and you’ll most likely see me taking part in the volleyball, fitness and basketball ECAs throughout this school year. The House system is, in my opinion, one of the most important aspects of NCBIS, as it allows students to learn team working skills along with developing their own talents. I’m privileged and excited to be at the position I am and I hope this year it will the best year in House Competitions so far!
Water House Captain
My name is Mariam Salama and I am the current House Captain for Water. I previously represented the house as Vice Captain and also house representative for my year group ever since Year 7. This is my thirteenth year here at NCBIS, and having this role is allowing me to give back to a community that has given so much to me in the past. I am studying Higher Level English literature, economics, biology and chemistry, as well as standard level maths and Spanish. I am looking forward to collaborating with my house and leading us to victory!
Water House Vice-Captain
Hi, my name is Max and I am one of the four Year 11 House Vice Captains. I am in the final year of my IGCSEs studying: English, Maths, History, Chemistry, Physics, ICT, Spanish and Music. My favourite subject is music and outside of school I like to develop my skills in this area through composing and playing on the guitar. I love representing my school in the athletics team, and participating in new activities. I am looking forward to getting to know more of you through your participation in various house events that will take place throughout the course of the year.  
Air House Captain
My name is Rahaf Almady, I’m in Year 12 and I am the captain of Air house. This is my 5th year in NCBIS and my 2nd year of taking over a leading role as I was the Vice Captain of Air house last year and I am looking forward to making more improvements to the house system. I am currently completing my first year of the IB diploma programme, the Higher Level subjects I’m studying are as following, Business and Management, Arabic, English Literature and my standard level subjects are Biology, Economics, and Maths. I am very friendly and approachable which makes it easier for people to leave any suggestions that they may have regarding the house system. I possess the ability to motivate others as well as myself, to perform to our highest abilities. 
Air House Vice-Captain
My name is Stijn Hendrickx and I am the Vice Captain of Air house. I’m a fanatic and enthusiastic person who enjoys sports and the company of people. As a Vice Captain I believe that the house system in NCBIS allows everyone to take responsibility to their own extent. This is a great thing to have in a school because students will develop a sense of leadership throughout the years. Not only will they develop leadership skills, but they will also learn how to work as a team, to deal with tension and to know how it is to be part of a community where everyone tries their best. I’m more than honored to support these students throughout this process and to act as a role model who they can learn from.
Earth House Captain
My name is Nour Tewfik and I am the current House Captain of Earth. This is my first year in IB and my Higher Level courses are Psychology, English Lang and Lit, Art. My Standard Level courses are Sports Science, Spanish Ab Initio and Maths Studies. This is my thirteenth year at NCBIS and my thirteenth year as a member of Earth house, I am very grateful that I was elected as the Earth house Captain because as long as I can remember, NCBIS has taught me the roles of leadership, teamwork and motivation and now its my turn to give back and strive for the greatness our house deserves. 
Earth House Vice-Captain
I am Fabienne from Year 11AG and this year’s Earth House’s Vice Captain. I am a German/Venezuelan, born and raised in Aberdeen. I came to this school last year for GCSEs. The subjects that I take are: Geography, German A-Levels, Physics, Drama, Art and Biology. Last year I took part of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, and was in several sports teams, including athletics, basketball and swimming.