Are you a Risk Taker?

Are you a Risk Taker?

In Year 1DK we are!

In Year 1 DK we had a fun and challenging morning inquiring in risk-taking!

We had our first debate! We started with a quick survey, asking each other how we define risk and if we enjoy taking risks. Hakimi said that “When you take a risk you try something new” and Kesia added that “It is something tricky”. Eliza highlighted that “You don’t know if you will succeed when you take a risk”.

Then with a partner we wrote down all the words/phrases we associate with taking risks, for example: danger, fear, something new, excitement, and all the words/phrases we could think about when not taking risks, for example: sadness, anger, missed opportunity.


Our next activity was to walk with our partner around the classroom in set stations. Each station had a picture, for example: a person in a canoe, a person bungee jumping and some questions like “Would you try that?”, “Can you give reasons for your choice?”. We answered the questions with our partners and then we started our debate.

We debated the motion “Should we take risks and try new things?”. Group A were the proposition, group B opposed the motion.

We all agreed that during the debate:

-We will speak confidently.

-We will use facts and try to prove our argument is best.

-We will use kind words.

The children worked really hard to think of both sides of the argument so that they could anticipate what the other team might say. They came up with excellent points, backed up with examples. We are very proud of what they achieved.

Our last risk taking activity was “Leading the blind”. It was an activity that involved physical risk that helped us build our confidence and self esteem.

In pairs, A and B, students led each other using a piece of string. A was holding the string with eyes tightly shut while B slowly led him around the room, avoiding contact with the rest of the participants. As were attempting to give trust by keeping their eyes closed and Bs were receiving trust and trying to use it responsibly. A classroom full of risk takers!

What an exciting morning we had!





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