Artsmart Gallery

Artsmart Gallery

Y10 students travelled the breath and depth of Cairo to explore Egypt’s contemporary art scene on Wednesday April 5th.

The group traveled to the Artsmart Gallery in 6th October (please see picture) to study a fascinating exhibition by Britt Boutros-Ghali, a Norwegian artist, who has lived and worked in Cairo for the past 35 years. We then ventured on to fascinating Zamelek, a picturesque and historical quarter on a Nile island, and were rewarded with both a delightful exhibiton of Nazli Madkour’s energetic abstract paintings as well as Anot Farghali Abdul Hafiz’s impressive works entitled “Egypt resumes giving”.  The students sketched, discussed and reflected on the work, returning to school brimming with ideas and enthusiasm for their GCSE studies. Art and intercultural understanding at the same time, really “bringing out the best in everyone”.

Rachel McMullan, Head of Art at NCBIS

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