Christmas Alumni Event

Christmas Alumni Event

NCBIS celebrates its 40th Birthday with Christmas Alumni event

Under our new and colourful 40th anniversary carpet, 35 alumni arrived from universities throughout North America and Europe, for our first “get together”. It is one of several initiatives to celebrate this important milestone in our school history, and will certainly be repeated. It was an opportunity to catch up with friends (one visitor left the school 10 years ago), marvel at the building, sports and garden changes; and listen to music from bands past and present.

Hoda El Sayed joined with former staff member Kate Banks, guitarist Tristan Banks, keyboard player and Head of Music, Rebekah Thompson, Trumpet player Oliver Wilson, and drummer Nader Sobhy, to remind us of nostalgic music over recent years. Even former Head of Secondary, David Pontich, was in school to greet everyone; and for a first occasion, it was a wonderful and historic event, with photos to be carefully archived, and we thank our year 13 Events team for publicising it, far and wide.

With such a transient student, staff and family population, it is impossible for many alumni to gather at any one time, living as they do in every corner of the globe. To all our NCBIS Global citizens making a real difference in their respective communities, may we say:

“Happy 40TH Anniversary”

Thank you for making NCBIS what it is today

Merry Christmas and all the best for 2018! Let it be a truly historic year where we all continue “to bring out the best in everyone”.

Graham Hurrell