End of Term Primary Message

End of Term Primary Message

This year, as I reflect on all the achievements of our children, it is tinged with a little sadness as my five years at NCBS comes to a close. I’m incredibly lucky to have had the privilege to be Head of Primary for such a caring international school.

As a PYP school we take pride in the global citizens that we help mould, knowing that our pupils embody the attributes and attitudes that are needed for the ever-changing world they live in. The art of communication is a core skill, and regularly our pupils, and their ability to communicate respectfully with one another and adults across the school, impress me. They have astounded me at debates and presentations with passionate speeches, have made me sleepy and scared me with story telling voices, have whispered secrets with giggles and laughter and overall have captivated me with their questions and answers! They are knowledgeable, curious, and principled, and for me, most importantly, they are open minded and eager to learn.

It has been a delight to see our pupils grow and thrive, both academically and personally, over the last five year and I wish all great success for the future; you have brought out the best in me and for that I will always remember my time in Egypt.

I wish all our children, families and staff a very happy holiday and wish you good luck in your new ventures if you are moving to a new country. Travel safely.

Kathryn Carter

Head of Primary

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