Fight for your Rights!

Fight for your Rights!

Well done to Year 6 students for showing real maturity when discussing human rights.

Kick starting our new unit of inquiry ‘Beliefs’, pupils showed real maturity when learning about human rights last week linked to global Human Rights Day which took place on Sunday 10th December. Although it is a phrase that many pupils have heard before, it was great to observe them sharing caring and thoughtful insights and ideas, as well as developing their understanding of the global issue.

During uoi lessons, pupils began by working collaboratively to discuss what they believed constituted as a basic human right, listing their ideas independently, in pairs and in groups.  Pupils initially discussed the idea of a basic human right, considering things that they had access to on a daily basis such as the internet, television and more.  From these initial ideas, pupils built on their understanding by watching a thought-provoking video which provided them with additional information into the historical progression of human rights around the world.  

After developing their understanding on the topic of Human Rights, pupils moved on to debate what they believed (in their opinions) were the most important of the human rights, providing explanations and personal experiences to support their view.  After a great deal of discussion, pupils created individual human right cards, using pictures to represent the core meaning of the human right they regarded as most important.

This is just the beginning of Year 6’s learning journey, but Year 6 and Groep 7 have already demonstrated what caring individuals they are.  Although the topic was challenging and forced us to discuss some of the depressing realities of both the past and present of our world, pupils impressed me by showing empathy and compassion towards those who are not as fortunate as us. Keep up the good work!