Final Assembly

Final Assembly

Fire House win Secondary House Competition

For the second consecutive year, Fire House, admirably led by Roman Porazinski and Luis Carrozo, “burned off” all opposition to win the Secondary House competition this June. In literally the last minutes of the 2016-2017 school year, House Co-ordinator, Andrew Gross, announced the winners by the narrowest of points margins – all four houses within 10 points, and a tie for 2nd place!

Months of sporting and cultural competitions were decided more by “merit allocation” for the first place position, and the result was obviously met by groans of frustration from 3 houses, but jubilation from “Fire”.  A real “Aguafiestas” for Water, down to “Earth” result, and Air students were simply “blown away” as the wind was knocked out of their sails; but there was an immediate rallying call for August 23rd, when it all starts again! Roman is convinced that Fire House can make it three in a row, while the others are keen to extinguish the flames and leave a smoke trail behind them.

In typical NCBIS fashion, rivalry soon dissipated for the traditional photo, and of course it was summer holiday anyway – hugs and pats on the back all round, if only for the photo! This was the culmination point of the final assembly on Wednesday 21st June, after saying farewell (but not adiós) to our staff and student leavers, as they start new adventures around the globe. The assembly was accompanied by a moving film of our COBIS Games success at Sheffield this year as well as our customary high quality musical renditions, with particular thanks to Farida Khedr for her last day performance singing about “home”. NCBIS is our second home and I’m sure it will remain part of our hearts too. It was also an opportunity to say farewell to outgoing Principal, Mr Raymond williams, after five highly successful years here, before he takes up his new appointment in Bogota, Colombia.

But, it was the last day, a wonderful farewell to a highly successful year, and time to depart. Just waiting for the IGCSE, AS, A2 and IB diploma results now, to crown a year of superlatives, before recharging the batteries, to emulate or even surpass our own targets.  Have a great summer holiday, students, staff and families!

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