Frosty Weather But Warm Reception

Frosty Weather But Warm Reception

When IB Co-ordinator and Head of Careers, Rebecca Gardner, travelled to Canada in mid March, she was not expecting the worst storm to hit Toronto this year! Plummeting temperatures, deep snow and challenging transport did not stop our intrepid explorer though, and together with an international group of Counselors, she managed to maintain shortened but informative visits to a range of prestigious universities.

We are very proud of NCBIS Careers guidance and support, and are able to help families apply, and gain offers, to universities across the globe, as required by our international families.  This would be impossible without up-to-date information, and so visits like this are essential, allowing us to actually visit Colleges, speak with Admissions staff, gain first hand knowledge of each campus from student support to accommodation options; and ask the important questions about visas, work permits, post university options. We are very grateful to Joe Tadros of the Canadian Embassy for facilitating this visit, as well as for inviting a host of Canadian universities to NCBIS every year (our students are currently studying at Toronto, York, McGill, UBC, Carleton and Ryerson.) Rebecca has also visited universities in Switzerland, while in school, we have specialist information on university entrance in Britain, USA, South America, South Africa, Spain, France, Germany, Netherlands, Australia and new Zealand., and what we don’t know, we will find out!

Moreover, our careers support and general “education for employability”  philosophy at NCBIS, prepares students both for the range of courses available at university, the all-important critical thinking skills, and the “capabilities” or soft skills they will need to be successful in their ever-changing world, all through the unparalleled education of the IB Diploma, which opens doors world-wide.

Please see associated articles on the 4th Industrial Revolution as well as our booklet  “Careers at NCBIS”, which explains how Education for Employability is embedded in every aspect of Secondary Education. In every sense, NCBIS Is a unique “gateway to learning” opening doors to the future, rather than being a tunnel to the traditional education of the past.


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