G4 Science Fair

G4 Science Fair

On the 28th and 29th of November, year 12 IB students were actively involved in their G4 project, a cross curricular collaborative project that is a mandatory part of the IB program for science students. Recognising the needs of the 21st century, the theme for this year was Artificial Intelligence, as studies have shown that there will be a great demand for jobs in this sector in the future. As always, NCBIS students did an excellent job of extending themselves and developed excellent AI ideas, such nanobots to cure Aids, firefighting AI, makeup cosmobots, investing banking AI, etc.


The students presented their work using 21st century communication skills such as animations, power-points and video’s to their peers, teachers and parents. Everyone enjoyed and learned from their work. It was also very pleasing to see computer science and coding in action. Well done year 12!

Madiha Saeed – Head of Science

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