High Achievers Ceremony

High Achievers Ceremony

16 awards at the prestigious Pearson Edexcel “High Achievers” Ceremony
Tuesday 21st February, at the British Embassy Residence, Cairo

It was a very proud afternoon for NCBIS Principal Raymond Williams on Tuesday 21st February, as he watched NCBIS claim 16 awards at the Pearson / British Council “Outstanding Pearson Learner Awards”. In the presence of HE British Ambassador to Cairo, Mr. John Casson, Egypt’s Minister of Education HE Tarek Shawky and many leading figures from the British Council and Pearson, Mr Williams along with other school leaders, was invited on stage to receive a school commendation for excellence. The proudest moment though was to watch 7 of our students receive their deserved recognition having gained “top in the world” (or perfect score) for Maths, French and Spanish; while we also collected highest mark in Africa for PE, Geography, Biology, Physics and Further Mathematics.

Mohamed Taleh, actually scored the highest mark in the world in both French and Maths, as well as gaining the highest mark in Africa for Physics and Further Pure Mathematics! He was also one of 10 NCBIS students to gain five A* grades or higher, (9% of our examinees!).  This was the level that Pearson offered an additional award for “Highly commended student Award”, swelling our award tally to an amazing twenty, well over double that of any other school present. Mohamed was asked to speak to peers, parents and guests about his experience of International Education. These are his eloquent words, which were received with great applause by all fortunate to hear his mature and insightful recollection.

“HE  Ambassador Casson and guests,

“It is an honour to attend this prestigious event and to be given the opportunity to share my past experiences.

In the space of just over a year, for family work reasons, I had to move from Portugal to Egypt to Jordan. Without iGCSE, I wouldn’t have been able to smoothly traverse between these cultural boundaries. This is a clear evidence of how iGCSE is a brilliant, international educational system, and without it, I wouldn’t be standing in front of you right now.

The distinguishing characteristic of iGCSE is the number of subjects that one is examined on, as well as the challenging responsibilities faced by students. However, this allows for a vast number of skill sets to be developed, such as time management, organisational dexterity, problem solving, recall of knowledge, application of knowledge, and perhaps most importantly, the develop of an internationalist and positive growth mind-set. As an international student, the iGCSE language opportunities have also helped me overcome many communication barriers and allowed me to develop and hone my language skills, again helping me become a global citizen, hoping to make a difference in tomorrow’s world. Many of the skill sets that are attained during the examination period are considered as essential tools in managing day-to-day activities. Time management and organisational skills are often referred as ‘transferable skills’ as they can be applied to various social and working environments, and are also essential for University, as well as today’s global economy.

Another significant characteristic of iGCSE assessments is the type of questions and the examination style. Not only will the test papers require the student to recall the knowledge but also will require him or her to apply the knowledge to engage in problem solving. As a computer science student today, this concept of application has been vital, and iGCSE has been of great assistance to me in this field.

It must be mentioned that this experience and my achievements couldn’t have been fulfilled without the help of my teachers and the atmosphere of hard-work and dedication brought about by the entire NCBIS community, in partnership with Pearson. Thank you all for this valuable educational opportunity that you have afforded me, as well as to thousands of other students in Egypt and indeed worldwide. As former British Prime Minister Tony Blair once stated, his manifesto was “Education, Education and Education”.

Thank you, Pearson, for making International Education a reality here in Egypt, for us, and our nation’s, social and educational development.”

Mohamed is currently studying the IB Diploma in Amman, Jordan. We wish him every success as he is certainly an A* star student, and like the NCBIS community in general, “top of the world!”

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