IB Diploma Results

IB Diploma Results

Hats off to our IB Diploma students for their 2017 results

The long, anxious wait ended on Thursday 6th July as our 23 IB Diploma students received their final examination  grades, before heading to their top world universities. We couldn’t quite make the 100% Diploma success rate, but we can say that 100% of our students tried their hardest, gained a world class education and on that basis all have university places around the world.

The IB Diploma is the Gold Standard of education, and not quite achieving the Diploma, but completion of all the components, still can gain university access. 22 relieved  students did achieve it though – (95.6% and well over the world average for an international  school where everybody takes the IB Diploma) and the results were outstanding. At a mean of 33 points, we were 5 points above the world average, while 78% gained 30+ points (sufficient to enter Year 2 of many US universities with an immediate 25% fee saving), and 3 students achieved over 40 points. Where are they headed? Engineering at Cambridge, dentistry at Bristol, medicine at UCL, along with other leading institutions for Engineering, Economics, Business, Sports and Computer sciences, Music and Psychology.
Hats off to them – an amazing group who thoroughly deserved their success and in true IBDP style, really helped to make a difference in the local community, and are now sure to do similar on the world stage as “first class global citizens.” An inspiration to our 37 students following them in year 12, who we will likewise celebrate in July 2018!

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