International Week

International Week

We are all…. Globetrotters!

Wow, what a week! We have truly had an awesome time ‘exploring the world’ and learning about different countries and cultures without having to fly!

International week at NCBIS, kicked off with us having Dutch Day and we showed solidarity with our Dutch school partners, by wearing orange, attending an energetic Dutch assembly and completing activities in class to help us learn more about Holland and Dutch culture. We even managed to learn some Dutch words! Check out the display of our work in the Primary foyer.

The rest of the week saw upper primary students visit different classes and complete activities and learn about countries such as: Cuba, Jordan, Brazil, India, The Solomon Islands, Vietnam, Japan, New Zealand and others. There was such a range of activities for pupils to do like cooking, dancing, origami and paper mache.

Everything about International Week ties in perfectly with NCBIS’ vision of Global mindedness because we were all able to discover and connect with different cultures, (while) showing empathy, care and respect for others.

Thursday our school will be colourful with all the different national clothes we will wear. Also our taste buds will have a treat when we sample the amazing food from all continents, that will be prepared for us. A special thank you to all the parents and staff who have used their time and expertise to making these valuable learning experiences.

We are all really proud of the international community here at our school and international week is just one of the ways we can celebrate this at NCBIS.

William from 4RA commented

‘I really enjoyed the activities and it was so fun. I learned a lot of new things about different countries and that makes me feel happy!’

Miss Akinsanmi