Knowledge of How the World Works

Knowledge of How the World Works

Knowledgeable is to explore concepts, ideas and issues that have local and global significance. In so doing, we acquire in-depth knowledge and develop understanding across a broad and balanced range of disciplines.

Year Two has been inquiring into how we can organise ourselves and be part of a community to be happy and successful in the world around us. We have asked many questions as in how people contribute to a community and how we rely on each other to be able to contribute effectively, help and support each other.

We used our new knowledge, made connections with our personal experiences and designed our own community. We appreciated that every job is equally important and essential for our community to run smoothly and benefit every body around us.

We were also great communicators through sharing this knowledge and ideas, along side learning from our peers ideas by listening, building upon our knowledge as a group and deepening our understanding of what an idea community looks like.

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