Being Principled in the Early Years

Being Principled in the Early Years

Early Years have been learning how they can be happy and stay safe at school

Staying happy and safe in the Early Years is important for providing a caring and stimulating learning environment.  At the beginning of the term, each class made their Essential Agreements, actively involving the children in making the rules. This has helped the children know the difference between right and wrong and has helped them in understanding what it actually means to be principled.

In the Early Years, we love sharing our toys. The bikes are especially popular in the outdoors area and we are learning to be principled by sharing. We can do this by being good communicators and using our words and not our actions. We do this by asking our friends nicely to take turns when they finish. This is modelled through role-play with puppets or with the children.


We remember to use our helping hands and not our hurting hands which shows we care for our friends and we use our same helping hands to play gently with our toys so that we do not break them and look after our toys…even hands can be principled!

We are learning to be principled by using our good manners and our ‘magic words’ like ‘please’ or  ‘no thank you’. This makes us and our friends feel happy and greatly appreciated. Using kind and nice words to each other is a way of showing we are principled. If we do say a word that makes a friend feel sad, we can remember to be principled and say sorry and hug each other to make our friend feel much better.  Even when we have done something wrong like taking a toy home, we can be principled and do the right thing by bringing the toy back, which our teachers and friends will greatly appreciate!