Leadership Conference in Madrid

Leadership Conference in Madrid

Leaders España!

On Friday 6th October Paulina Sanchez (Head Girl) and Roman Porazinski (Senior Student) left Cairo, with their chaperone Mr. Rossall,  to attend the annual COBIS Leadership Conference in Madrid. After an early start (6am) we set off from Cairo International and 4 ½ hours later arrived into Madrid. At this point the students were taken straight to the conference to get started. The first session in the conference was designed to get the candidates to question the qualities of an effective leader through debate and discussion. This was also a superb way of the candidates getting to know each other, as there were representatives from schools from across the globe. After some heated discussion, where our NCBIS representatives really showed their debating ability, the candidates were then placed into groups to engage in a social media challenge. This challenge would underpin the conference throughout the weekend and involved developing videos and an online leadership presence. This ran into the evening until it was time to sleep.

On the second day of the conference the students took part in amazingly interactive and challenging sessions covering the topics of ‘Speaking Skills’ and ‘Personal Branding’. The speaking skills session took the students out of their comfort zone to work on presence, projection and delivery in order to engage and lead an audience. The personal branding session was a revelation in terms of alerting the students to the importance of managing their online presence or ‘brand’. One of the key tasks in this session involved researching personal facts about each other from what they could find online. The results were surprising, in terms of how much can be found out about a person, because of their digital footprint. In the afternoon the students were led in a session looking at ‘Coaching Skills’ where they observed coaching happen in real time using a volunteer from the audience. This was followed by the students practising the same skills with each other. Overall a very rewarding day that extended into the evening with a city tour of Madrid and a couple games of bowling, whilst also working on their social media challenge.

On the final day the students had a wonderful plenary session that wrapped up their learning well. It also inspired and equipped them with the ability and impetus to take these skills into school, develop them further over time and really work on all aspects of leadership. Our two NCBIS students did themselves proud in every session and really represented the school and its motto wonderfully throughout the conference. Well done Paulina and Roman!

Mr. Rossall – Head of Key Stage 4 & Student Leadership