Marsa Nakari Dive Trip 2018!!

Marsa Nakari Dive Trip 2018!!

This year’s dive trip was the biggest and best we have ever run. There was a total of 58 students in attendance and we stayed in a different camp (Marsa Nakari) to the usual (Marsa Shagra). The camp was opened specifically for our students and because it was such a big trip we had the camp, pretty much, to ourselves. On the first day of the trip the students had an early start at 5pm at the airport. We then took a short flight over to Marsa Alam and from there got a coaches to the camp. We jumped straight into work from that point onwards. The students were all supplied with the relevant dive equipment and from that began their courses.

There were 40 students going for the (beginner) PADI open-water qualification which involved confined water tests, such as emergency procedures, removing your mask or regulator under water and work on buoyancy under the water. The course then also includes several open water dives down to a maximum of 18metres. This is then followed by knowledge review tests which the students had to spend hours revising for and watching instructional videos. Almost all of the students who were enrolled on this course passed. The only students who didn’t were due to health reasons, so were unavoidable. So a great achievement all round.

There was also 14 students doing their PADI advanced open-water qualifications which involved a number of specialism for them to complete in the water such as diving at night-time with underwater torches, buoyancy control, a deep dive to 30metres and a ship wreck dive. This was also tested through knowledge review tests which the students had to study for. All of the advanced divers passed the course, with the exception of one student due to health reasons, so was unavoidable. 6 of the advanced divers also completed their NITROX (enriched air) qualifications as well, which was a great achievement.

In addition to this there was a small group of recreational divers who had already qualified in previous years and spent the week doing a range of house reef and open water reef dives. Later in the week these divers joined the advanced divers and some open water divers (who had passed their course early) for some amazing dives such as Dolphin House and Shaab Nakari. Dolphin House in particular was wonderful, seeing many dolphins and completing and enclosed reef tunnel dive through which required some very good buoyancy control.

In the evenings there were events organized such as an ‘astro-tour’ involving the students being taught, by local guides, about the various star constellations and looking at these through extremely powerful telescopes. On another evening we had a talk from a representative from the Red Sea National Parks, where he discussed the types of animals and conversation work being done in the area. Then on the last night we had a celebration of students’ success through certificates being awarded and a giant cake for everyone to share.

All in all it was an action packed and highly successful trip involving a high degree of challenge to everyone who took part. All of the students rose to these challenges and succeeded in their own way in overcoming them. Well done to all of the student who came, you were all amazing and also a special thanks to the staff members who helped make it such a success; Mr. Newton, Mr. Hisham, Ms. Marwa, Ms. Simpson and Ms. Christer. Thank you!

Mr. Kevin Rossall – Trip Leader