Maths Madness

Maths Madness

Applying our knowledge and THINKING outside of the box.

This week in 6FB we have been THINKERS in our maths lessons, showing enthusiasm, cooperation and confidence in our learning. We have been doing lots of challenging tasks including number work tasks related to algebra, as well as activities linked focused on probability and shape.  

We started the week looking at probability, beginning by looking at vocabulary related to the likeliness of an outcome (e.g. impossible, certain, unlikely, likely, even chance) and then moving onto creating our own ‘chance experiments’. Pupils used what they had learnt about probability and worked in pairs to create an experiment that tested the likelihood of something occurring; events included rolling a dice, selecting coloured counters and many more.

Over the last two days, we have moved on to focus on area of a variety of shapes and exploring circles. Although we have discussed area earlier on the year, we were challenged to apply what we already knew and explore shapes with the same area.  We found a variety of shapes with an area of 24cm² including squares and rectangles, triangles and parallelograms and even a circle. Although it doesn’t sound too tricky, we had to use many different formulas and strategies to calculate and draw accurate shapes.

Over the course of the year, we have developed a variety of different strategies and problem solving techniques which we will use next year in Year 7. Moving on, we will carrying out more problems solving and inquiring through a variety of activities.


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