NCBIS Cricket Team Strikes Out

NCBIS Cricket Team Strikes Out

NCBIS Cricket team opened their innings in what seemed like an international test match on Friday! Festive spirit and gentle warm ups turned serious when the speed of the opposition bowlers was realised, and despite playing with a “taped ball”, it seemed like a Trueman / Statham opening attack ripping up stumps and putting our batsmen very much on the back foot! This was the first outing for the newly-formed NCBIS team, comprising enthusiastic and athletic 6th formers who coped well with the conditions, and not quite such athletic staff, who knew what they were supposed to do, but perhaps after the ball had demolished the middle stump!

Abishek and Darry displaying their batting prowess

It was still a magnificent day, with four limited over tournament matches, and all part of the Pakistan Embassy’s celebrations for their 70th Independence anniversary. NCBIS was proud and privileged to be part of the celebrations and joined in the festive atmosphere with cavalier shots, several “sixes” and even managed a wicket or two! Obviously, we were disadvantaged by losing the “toss” and possibly too long a “warm up”, but excuses aside, we loved it! The Pakistan “super league side” justifiably won the tournament with an outstanding display of cricketing talent (and youth!) while the Embassy side took a worthy second place, much to the Ambassador’s pleasure. Finally, His Excellency, Pakistan Ambassador to Egypt, Mr. Mushtaq Ali Shah, graced us with a fine speech, thanks and awarded both trophies and commemorative plaques to those present. NCBIS Captain Usman Ali accepted on behalf of our team, and the consensus is definitely, more training, more matches and more plaques!

We would like to thank the Pakistan Embassy as well as the “Lions Cricket club” for allowing us to participate, providing our international students with the opportunity to share this wonderful sport and cultural occasion, and in particular to thank Ambassador Ali Shah for his support, grace and friendship to NCBIS and the cricketing community. We must also extend our thanks to umpire Munaf, who both organised the matches and encouraged us to roar like true “Lions”, showing “courage and resilience” We definitely showed the latter, but still lost! Sorry, Munaf! As good Teachers, we’ll “try to do better next time”!

That was the reason – we lost the toss! 

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