NCBIS Stageband Wins a Professional Recording Session!

NCBIS Stageband Wins a Professional Recording Session!

Another successful year for NCBIS Stage Band! Five great bands, from five different and prestigious schools in Cairo came together on Saturday 29th April to compete for the 2017 first place title, as well as a studio recording session.

Bands were judged in six different categories by three local judges, hosted by our CIBSA partner, MBIS school.

Stage Band had a great performance, captivating the attention of the judges and audience, many of whom danced during the renditions of  “Too Hot to Handle” and “Nightrain”. Their stage presence, personality, and musicianship were showcased as they performed. We are proud to announce that Stage Band won the competition and are now looking forward to the  recording session, as well as playing again for our student body.

This year’s Battle of the Bands was a true success, running smoothly and operating as a well-oiled machine. All bands had a great time performing, and wish to return next year for the 2018 Fourth Annual Battle of the Bands organised by BandMakers. Thank you Judges, audience, hosts and organisers; as well as to our highly talented musicians, who picked up “best drums” and “best base guitar” categories in addition to first place overall.

Rebekah Thompson, Head of Music at NCBIS

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