Open Mindedness

Open Mindedness

“The mind is like a parachute, it only works when it is open”

– Frank Zappa

At NCBIS, our students are practicing open-mindedness on a daily basis. Children consistently use this learner profile with the friends they have, food they eat, and activities they do and so forth. The importance of open-mindedness is extremely vital in such an international school like ours. Acquiring this characteristic can lead to gaining confidence, strengthening yourself, experiencing change and letting go of control. We asked NCBIS students and teachers a few questions about open-mindedness and the results were remarkable!

What does it mean to be open-minded?


To be open-minded means respecting other people and listening to their idea.

– Kayla and Eloise Y3






Open-minded means to listen to other’s opinions.

– Marwan Y6

When have you practiced being open-minded?

Recently, I’ve practiced being open-minded during the football matches against the teachers. We had different people on our team than usual and instead of saying no to letting certain people on our team, I said yes and made new friendships.

– Adrien Y6


I practice being open-minded all of the time during group work in class because we have to listen to everyone.

– Magd Y6.

I’ve practiced open mindedness when I came to Egypt. I opened my world to a whole different culture and the amount I’ve learned an enormous amount about myself and others around me.

– Ms. Brazil Y1 Leader

What is open-mindedness?

Open-mindedness is listening to someone very carefully.

– Shaun Y1

Being open-minded is when you’re helping someone and caring for him or her.

– Sophia Y3

What have you learned from being open-minded?

I was open-minded when I spoke in Arabic to the Arabic teacher. I learned that I’m actually a food communicator in other languages.

– Chiara Di Mambro Y1

I’ve learnt more by being open-minded because I’m able to hear other people’s ideas and opinions, which makes me more knowledgeable.

– Ben Y6

Every day, our NCBIS students are practicing open-mindedness and it is helping them learn and grow. What an amazing opportunity we all have to learn from each other!

The year 1 children practicing open-mindedness during their plant dissecting activity.


The year 1 children exploring Sunbird Gardens keeping an open mind when feeding the animal, smelling new herbs and going on a donkey carriage ride.

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