Primary Independence

Primary Independence

Kids aren’t born ready to hit the books. In fact, adults play an important role in providing kids with stimulating and supportive environments for learning and development. To become good life-long learners, children need to grow their confidence and independence. This is a process that happens over time. Kids need to ‘learn about learning’ and they look to the adults in their lives show them how.

To become independent learners, children need…

  • opportunities to try things for themselves.
  • experience of practising independence from an early age.
  • role models in adults and other children—what we do has far more influence than what we say.
  • expectations that they can become independent learners, given time and opportunities.
  • motivation, created by rewarding and praising effort and success.
  • information to empower them to make positive choices and decisions.

At NCBIS, we are teaching and encouraging independence everyday. This was evident in our  latest UOI topic where year 4 students  had the task of building a habitat that could sustain three different types of animals with different needs for survival.