Secondary Messages

Secondary Messages

Students at NCBIS are fortunate to be given so many opportunities for learning outside the classroom. Two of our senior students were wonderful ambassadors for the school at the COBIS leadership conference held in Madrid last weekend, and all of Year 7 are out of school for two days teambuilding and learning new skills at the Wellspring camp.

Next week all students will receive their first grade report which will form the basis for discussions at the all-day Parent Teacher Conference which will be held on Monday 6th  November.  We hope to send the reports electronically as well as on paper so that you can save them for ease of future reference. This is particularly useful for international families moving on to new schools. The whole day PTC is also a new venture and we look forward to your feedback. Teachers will be available for appointments between 08.00 and 18.30, and during the day there will presentations explaining the assessment and grading systems. The day before  the PTC there will be presentations to parents of students in Years 9 and 11 about the GCSE and IBDP programmes students will be offered in 2018. Please save these dates for your diary!

The unexpected loss of two Thursdays this term has been rather frustrating, especially as some classes in some subjects in some year groups are only taught on Thursdays- this will make it challenging for teachers to write reports on progress at this stage. We have regained a day by shortening the break in February and we have plans to run a Thursday timetable on another day this term so that the teaching programmes will be back on track. Sports day will be moved to term 2 or 3.

The safety and security of our students is of paramount importance to us and we kindly request that all parents and visitors wear badges when on the school site. Students are not allowed to remain on the site after school hours unless registered for an official school activity. Your support and co-operation is very much appreciated.

Sue Holt
Vice Principal