What Does Confidence Look Like?

What Does Confidence Look Like?

Being confident is feeling confident in our ability as leaners, having the courage to take risks, applying what we have learned and making appropriate decisions and choices.

What confidence means to us in Year Two!

We brainstormed what we thought being confident meant. We came up with different key words and phrases: brave, risk taker, ready to try something as well as telling ourselves “I can do this, and  “ Don’t hold back!”

We shared examples of how we have already been confident in just one day!

“ When it was the first time to do the monkey bars. I was scared but I had to believe in myself that I could do it.”

“ I wasn’t speaking very much English, but I took the risk and was confident to have a go.”

“ When I was climbing a ladder with my granddad, I did not hold back.”

“ I used my knowledge of division to share a sandwich at a birthday party.”

Finally we came up with our own class motto to encourage confidence.

“Be you and believe in yourself!”