Year 1 – The World of Shapes

Year 1 – The World of Shapes

Year 1 became shape experts

Year 1 have been inquiring into 2d and 3d shapes. The first day’s activities called for the children to generate an extensive list of questions on “What we already know and what we want (and need) to know” about 2d and then 3d shapes. Children went on a shape hunt around the school and they identified 2d and 3d shapes. They compared, and sorted out 2d and 3d shapes, investigating their properties. We explored two-dimensional shapes so that children develop the concepts and language that allow them to explain why a shape belongs to a certain category e.g., “It’s a weird-looking triangle because it’s long and thin, but it’s still a triangle because it has three sides”.

The students explored the features of faces, vertices and edges by constructing a variety of simple and sophisticated 3D shapes using play dough, clay, straws, and lolly-sticks. They were able to use hands on exploration skills as well as make educated guesses as to what would work and what would not. Students worked collaboratively when they used 3d shapes to make prints to determine which 2d shapes are faces of 3d shapes.

For their summative assessment children were challenged to design and create a model using 3d shapes. Sometimes in responding to children’s interests, ideas and questions, you just don’t know where you are going to end up. Our designs and models started off their lives as houses for the 3 little wolves but at some point the whole project took another turn when some children decided to make characters that would live in the houses and robots.

We were very lucky to have parents in on that day, for our open class session. Armed with a stapler and a pair of scissors, and with some adult assistance our designs became 3D models. When finished, children decorated their models and labelled the shapes they had used.