Year 2 – Shapes!

Year 2 – Shapes!

Year 2 – Expanding their knowledge of Shapes!

Year 2 have been expanding their knowledge of 2D and 3D shapes over the last 4 weeks in maths. It has been amazing to see the children become so knowledgeable about shapes. The children began by investigating statements about 2D shapes such as ‘All 2D shapes have the same number of corners and sides’ and ‘All 2D shapes have a vertical line of symmetry’ The children found out that not all shapes have the same number of corners and sides and that many shapes have more than one line of symmetry. The children extended their understanding of 3D shapes by exploring statements such as ‘All 3D shapes have 2D shape faces’. We found out that when we printed shapes with a curved face this was not a 2D shape. The children also had the chance to learn the names of new 3D shapes like the Tetrahedron and Dodecahedron!

The children had the opportunity to learn about nets of 3D shapes, they found 7 ways to make a net for a Cube and 4 nets for a Square Based Pyramid. The children wondered if a Sphere had a net and what it would look like.

To demonstrate all the knowledge they had gained, the children were given the challenge of setting shape problems for each other. The children created ‘What  am I?’ problems using their knowledge of properties of shapes and also came up statements to be investigated. Some were quite challenging! Can you guess the shape?

‘I have 4 lines of symmetry’

‘I have 2 pairs parallel lines’

‘I am a special type of rectangle’

What am I?