Year 6 & Groep 7 Exhibition

Year 6 & Groep 7 Exhibition

Term Three. It’s fast, it’s hot, and it’s full of events. One event the Primary school is very proud of is our Year 6 & Groep 7 Exhibition. Our Dutch colleagues talked about it last week, showing some of the excellent work that went on, and we would like to share some more of the wonderful work that happened.

The Exhibition gives students in their last year of Primary school to focus on a topic for learning that they are interested in. It is Student choice at its most engaging. This year we had 16 groups studying topics that ranged from gender equality, medieval warfare, World War 2, how people with disabilities play sports, natural disasters, and cars.

The process started in Term two with students being informed about the exhibition and how the process would work. From there, each student was given the opportunity to choose a range of topics they would be interested in studying. The teachers helped facilitate groups based on topics of study as well as working styles. Students were assigned a mentor – a member of staff from Primary or Secondary that would guide them. The groups took the next six weeks to research their topics, ask questions that interested them, and try to find answers to them. The end result was amazing. If you have the opportunity, please take a moment to admire the artwork that came from one group who took an interest in graffiti. Guided by Rachel McMullen, our very talented secondary art teacher, the group of girls worked hard to produce a graffiti art piece to celebrate NCBIS’s 40th birthday. It is in the flags area of the school. Make sure you find the right spot to stand on to see it all.

NCBIS is proud of all its Year 6 and Groep 7 students who worked hard to research, prepare and present their exhibition material. We look forward to seeing what our next group choose to study.

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