Year 9 Arabic Breakfast

Year 9 Arabic Breakfast

In Year 9 2nd Language Arabic, as part of our Arabic syllabus, we have been learning about shopping and how to be able to use our different vocabulary to make a good conversation in Arabic. So we decided to provide ‘real life’ experiences by going to one of the nearest Egyptian cafes for breakfast. Year 9 have already been enjoying this topic having taken part in many conversations, during our Arabic lessons. Now, we would like to share with you our experience! Here is some feedback from Year 9 students:

Nikolas : “I learnt a lot from this experience and I loved the food I ordered and I was happy when the food I ordered came”

Ahmad : “This visit helped me expand my Arabic vocabulary and confidence towards ordering food in a traditional Egyptian restaurant”

Gayatri: “This trip gave me a chance to show how much I understand and love Arabic  and express it through ordering food in a restaurant. Thank you Ms Ghada!!”

Faris: “This trip helped us use Arabic in the real world and experience using it outside….and the food was delicious”