Student Voice

It is vital that our students have a say in their learning and their life at school.  We have a comprehensive structure in place which includes the Student Council, Prefects and House Representatives.  Along with the Head Boy and Head Girl these bodies are able to impact the school on behalf of their peers.

Message from our Head Boy and Head Girl 2016-2017

We are Amira El Badrawy and Christian Philip, the head girl and boy for the 2016-2017 academic year. We have both been part of the NCBIS community for over 10 years now. We’ve seen it go through many changes and are incredibly proud of the diverse and benevolent environment that is NCBIS.
We’ve been working with the Student Council and student body on improving our canteen facilities, and we also introduced our senior study room! We look forward to working with everyone to make this year a change-inspired year.

More about Amira and Christian

NCBIS Head Girl

I’m Amira El Badrawy and I’m a Year 13 student in the IB diploma program.

My courses are: SL English language and literature, French and Business, HL maths, physics and chemistry. I hope to go on to study chemical engineering in university. No matter where I end up going, I will never forget my time here at NCBIS.


NCBIS Head Boy

I’m Christian Philip. I’m a Year 13 student in the IB diploma programme.
My Higher Level courses are Physics, Business & Management, and Computer Science. My Standard Level courses are Mathematics, English Language & Literature, and French. As a proud member of the NCBIS family, I’m delighted to be finishing my school career at NCBIS. I’m sure that the learning environment here will provide me with a great head-start when I continue my education. I hope to continue my studies in Canada, where I plan on majoring in Computer Science and Business.