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International Award

For over 10 years NCBIS has been running the Duke of Edinburgh International Award.  Each year a large number of our Year 10 and up students undertake the Duke of Edinburgh International Award.  Students must complete four sections to obtain their awards in each level.  After completing the adventurous journey, students must prepare their final presentation, which allows each student to reflect on their journey.
In order to gain the Award, students must take part in activities across the four sections: Physical Recreation, Service, Skills and the Adventurous Journey (expedition). In Year 10 students will dedicate over 150 hours of their time, in Year 11 students participating in the Silver Award will dedicate 250 hours and a Gold award student will dedicate more than 500 hours. Over 75 students are expected to complete their Award this year.  Congratulations to all those who undertake this challenge.
For more information regarding this award please go to Duke of Edinburgh International Award