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Our LocationRoad 17, 1st District, 3rd Zone, 5th Settlement, New Cairo, Egypt

Our Community

Teaching Staff

NCBIS currently employs over 85 expatriate teachers. Whilst the majority of these come from the United Kingdom, the school has a very international team with faculty members also coming from Australia, Canada, USA, Germany, Spain, South Africa, and France. Contracts are generally for two years and renewable.

This stability in staffing levels has helped develop a strong sense of collegiality amongst the team. New staff members to NCBIS have frequently commented on the supportive manner in which colleagues have welcomed them into the school and to life in Egypt.

There also exists a strong team of learning support staff across the school, drawn from local and overseas appointments. The primary school has six learning support assistants, including two EAL teachers, led by a qualified teacher. The secondary school has six learning support staff and one EAL teacher. Additionally, all classrooms in the primary school have a dedicated teaching assistant.


The student population of NCBIS is made up of over 60 nationalities. Local Egyptian nationals represent approximately a third of student enrolments in the school, with the remainder of our student body coming from a wide variety of nationalities, from all over the world.

NCBIS Student Nationalities’ representation



We have an active Parents’ Group, which is both a fundraiser for, and supporter of, our Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) programme. The Parents’ Group also welcomes new families, offers shopping and cultural visits, and is involved in a multitude of other social events to benefit the community. They are very supportive of the school with school events such as Family Day, International Day and educational activities being very well supported.