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Pastoral Support

We are proud of the positive relationships our students enjoy with each other and with their teachers and we value highly the happiness and well-being of each child in our care. Supportive and positive relationships are of key importance in our culturally diverse and often transient international community and it is vital that students settle quickly, and feel at ease in their school life and new environment.

NCBIS Student and Parent Handbook 2017-2018

In order to support our students, NCBIS offers a range of pastoral care which underpins the academic programme and helps students achieve their full personal and educational potential.

The Form Tutor

Each student is part of a tutor group which is cared for by a tutor and co-tutor. Pupils meet their tutors every morning and have further contact with them as part of the Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) programme. The tutor oversees the social and academic progress of their tutor group and is a first point of contact to help with worries or concerns , as well as to celebrate achievements and successes of their tutees.

The work of our team of tutors is led by the Deputy Head (Pastoral), in conjunction with Heads of Key Stage, who together provide further sources of support and advice for both students and parents.

To find out more about the important role that form tutors play at NCBIS please browse the information from our recent ‘Meet the Tutor’ information sessions.

What are Form Tutors?

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Meet the Tutor Parent Session 2017-2018

Personal Social and Health Education

The PSHE programme is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills which will help them deal with the range of choices, opportunities and challenges faced by young people today. The programme in each year group focuses on issues of particular relevance to the age and stage of education of the students and addresses matters such as friendship, cyberbullying, healthy lifestyle, interview skills, careers and education for employability.

Attendance and Applications for Authorised Leave of Absence

Regular attendance and a good record of punctuality are essential foundations for an effective learning and teaching environment in which every student can thrive. Good attendance is fundamental to sound academic and social progress and development. Not surprisingly, educational research shows a close correlation between good attendance and attainment.

In an increasingly competitive world of work, attendance, as well as punctuality, is also valued by us as it develops patterns of behaviour important for personal and professional success later in life. Whilst we would like to expect 100% attendance rate, we recognise that on occasion a child will be absent for medical reasons or other exceptional circumstances such as family illness or bereavement. Should parents know of an absence in advance, we would ask that you complete a “Request for Authorised Leave of Absence Form” and return it to your child’s tutor.

 2017-2018 Leave of Absence Form