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NCBIS Prefects 2017-2018

My name is Chloe Rockingham and I just joined year 10 and I am currently a prefect in this school. In general I am interested in drama and academics, such as human behaviour, as well as sport. Specifically I enjoy performing, netball, rugby, basketball, English, psychology and economics. I became a leader because I am interested in helping this school since this would be my 13th year here. I also believe in having a strong student voice and a community you can trust in and look up to. It is important because we spend most of our lives in school therefore our environment and surroundings, in school, shape us into who we are and who we will turn out to be. The main aspect I want to bring into this school is unity and everyone enjoying their time in this school. I will do this by being a good example to all my peers and assist everyone I can in anyway, for example new students coming to this school.

My name is Marguerite Julia and I am in year 10AA and currently am a prefect in the school’s student leadership team. I am interested in many subjects in school but my main interest are in sports, history and computer science. I am an extremely sporty person and love football. I take part in many ECAs after school and interest myself in each of them. The reason I became a prefect was because I enjoy helping the school and I wanted a new challenge. The reason a prefect is important is because they are allocated student leaders who the student body can look up or ask for advice. They are also someone who teachers can depend upon to help when needed. I want to help the school be a better environment for learning inside and outside classroom because I believe there is no time to waste in school and I want to help enforce the new behaviour policy.

My name is Tarek Nassif, I’m a student in year 10. I have been chosen as a student prefect at NCBIS. My favourite subjects include; mathematics, computer science and chemistry. I take interest in playing tennis on a daily basis as I approach it in a serious way and I also enjoy doing fitness and any sport in general. I applied for the prefect role at this school so I can gain the experience of being a leader for a future leading role at a company, and as a bonus, [info title=”Prefect”]it also looks good on the CV. I also hope to be the best model student I can be to all other students around the school.

My name is Lana el manzalawi, i’m in year ten. Im approaching my twelfth year here at NCBIS. Throughout this time ncbis has provided me with a secure , diverse and caring environment. I am a student prefect, generally my subjects of interest are business and maths among other subjects. Some of my interests include photography and travel. I became a student prefect for many reasons, One of which is wanting to have a positive impact and make a difference to our school community, whether it is big or small. I also want to ensure that my peers have a positive learning environment as well as ensuring that everyone is treated with respect and equality and that no one feels left out and/or unhappy. As student prefect I aim to be an approachable figure that students can come to and assist the management/teachers and/or students whenever needed as well as acting as a role model, positively representing the school and working collectively.

My name is Fares Giesen, currently, I am in year 10. My Student Leadership Role is a Prefect. Some of my favourite subjects are: Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Computer Science. My interests are playing the piano and learning / experiencing new cultures. I applied for this position as I enjoy helping others, learning new cultures , by communication, and I would like to give something back to the NCBIS community as they warmly welcomed me in Year 6. As a Prefect, I would see myself welcoming others into our community, helping others when needed.

Hi, my name is Sauhaard Walia and one of the prefects in the current academic year. I am a student studying in year 11 and this is my 4th year as a part of NCBIS and also my final year in IGCSE in which my subjects include: mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Business and Spanish. Outside these my interests include several sporting activities such as football, cricket and occasionally long distance running. I believe that the role of a prefect is a significant one in the NCBIS community as it is a pathway for students to understand the behavioral needs that they are expected to embrace and as this is shown to them in the form of a prefect whom is also a student whom they could relate to and would urge them with a desire to display a similar sense of behavior. I had given my application for this role as I felt as if i were a positive role model and one that sets a good example towards others within our school. Furthermore I believed as if i would be student who would be able to promote and sustain appropriate behavior within the school environment. My intentions with this role would be simply to have a positive and a significant impact towards all students in our school as it is something as a student myself I enjoy seeing the most in NCBIS.

My name is Atipatsa Likhwide, I’m in year 11 and this year I am a prefect in NCBIS. For my GCSE’s the subjects I decided to take geography, English, math, chemistry, biology and art. I love to cook and bake, I love to spend time with my friends and family, I am a total bookworm; I love a good old love story, I like watching movies and trying out new things. I would like to take advantage of the international basis that I have by trying out different experiences and learning about different cultures. As a prefect my role is very important as I help and assist in any way I can, I am the helping hand and an example to all. As prefects we represent our school and aspects a model student should have. As a prefect I want to be able to be that example to be there when someone needs help. I love this opportunity NCBIS gives all our students; to stand up and take a role in being the best example and best student we can be.

My name is Farida Wardani and I am currently a prefect at NCBIS. My interests are sports and philosophy. I study biology, German, psychology, math, economics, and English. The variety of the different subjects I take gives me different perspectives and enhances my role in the school. My role is important to the school because as a prefect as I help spread positivity and good exemplary behavior. I didn’t just apply to be a prefect so I can help people but also so I can be someone people look up to and approach for any problems. I hope that people become more comfortable with one another and thrive in their learning as a community. My favorite thing about NCBIS is that everyone knows everyone. Throughout the day different people are always interacting with different age groups and ethnicities. Regardless of the diversity present, NCBIS ties us together making it feel like home.

My name is Jad Abbas and I am a new student at NCBIS. Currently, I am 16 years old and I am a student in year 12. Moreover, the student leadership position that i possess at school is a NCBIS prefect. Furthermore, my hobbies include listening to music and helping the environment in positive ways (through volunteer work and such). I chose to become a prefect because I like to help others. To conclude, I think it is important because it develops the school positively and I want to place unique, diverse ideas on the table that will help my student body and school as a whole.

Hello my name is Muzamil (Muzi) Hussein Gadain. I am in the form 13RC and the leadership role that I have the privilege of being this year is a perfect. The subjects that interest me the most in the IB would have to be history, biology and English literature and language. I had prior interest to these subjects before however after doing the IB I was able to further my understand my knowledge of these subjects. My interests out of the classroom are music, sports and the environment. I chose to be perfect because it’ll help me guide others in the school. In addition to this it’ll develop certain skills that’ll benefit me later in the future such as teamwork. Being a prefect means that the teachers work is delegated among students therefore it gives us more responsibility.