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Secondary Prefects

Fares Giesen
Prefect 9

Hi, my name is Fares Giesen and I'm a year 11 prefect. This is my 6th year here at NCBIS. I was determined to be a prefect for the second year as I sincerely believe that I already am a role model for others. My favourite subjects are Computer Science and Business Studies. Also, being a prefect is something personal to me as I want to give something back to the NCBIS community for welcoming me in a very warm manner in year 6. Furthermore, I am a hardworking individual who understands others likes helping them. This is the reason I became a prefect for the second time.

Kinsey Ali
Prefect 8

Hi! My name is Kinsey and I'm a year 10 student who's a prefect for the first time. I've just begun my GCSEs, taking chemistry, French, business, drama, computer science, and history – it's a pretty different experience. I've been in NCBIS since year 1, and I've seen many 'leaders' come and go across the years – some better at their jobs and some who had a bit of a lack of communication… As a prefect I think it'd be nice to communicate not only with the student body but also the student leaders – without effective communication, we can't achieve anything. I aim to be there for anyone who has a constructive comment that would help our school as a whole – and relaying it over to people who can do things; like the head boy and head girl etc.

Jessie Intong Monchu
Prefect 7

Hi. I'm Jessie. I'm currently in year 10 and I've just started doing my GCSEs. I study subjects like business, history, chemistry, and biology, etc. This is my first time having any school-related responsibility- especially at NCBIS since this is only my second year. So far everything has been going well and the community is very welcoming. My aim for the school is to be able to have the students' voices be heard. I want to be able to let the student body know what is happening in the student leadership team so they can feel included.

Marguerite Julia
Prefect 6

My name is Marguerite Julia and I am in year 11MAR and currently am a prefect, 2nd year in a row, in the school’s student leadership team. I am interested in many subjects in school but my main interests are in sports, history and computer science. I am an extremely sporty person and love football. I take part in many ECAs after school such as football, volleyball, swimming and many more. The reason I became a prefect was that I enjoyed it last year and I enjoyed helping the school. The reason a prefect is important because they are allocated students who students can look up to and who teachers can depend on. I want to help the school be a better environment for learning inside and outside the classroom.

Micole Ghaly
Prefect 5

My name is Micole Ghaly and I am a prefect. Being a prefect will further help me with my leadership skills. I believe I display many leadership skills already; I am confident, helpful, trustworthy and responsible. But most importantly, I am approachable. Being a prefect I want to help the NCBIS community connect well together and I want to be a person people can look up to and come to when in need of any help. I demonstrate leadership skills in and outside of school when taking part in sports and being a team member. I am able to work independently and with others in a positive manner and willingly take on extra responsibilities and complete tasks when needed. I am ready to act as a role model to all students in the school and maintain a friendly atmosphere.

Carl Rasmussen
Prefect 4

My name is Carl Rasmussen. I study French, Spanish, history, geography, physics, chemistry, maths and English. I am a prefect at NCBIS because I think I fit perfectly for the role. It is a small, but important role in school (in the wider NCBIS community), and I want to prove that a little thing can make a big difference – that little difference. The qualities that I possess for being a prefect is that I am very motivated to get things done quickly AND thoroughly! I am also very friendly as I am for the second time buddy for one of the new students. I am a positive student, who is willing to help at all times, whether it’s in the classrooms helping students with their work, on the field when someone is feeling down and needs to come back up or just helping with the simple tasks of finding something lost. I can offer organization, friendliness and a comfortable learning environment to the school, along with a fun and competitive edge in the house events.


Freya Rockingham
Prefect 3

Hello my name is Freya Rockingham and I am in year 11CC currently and I have the role of prefect which is a really prestigious role to have. I am a really optimistic and lively, I will motivate everyone to the best of my ability and I will always be here if anyone needs to talk about either personal issues or school issues. I am doing the second year of my GCSE's which is quite stressful which is why I wanted to become a prefect so that I could help others to relax and not to stress so much about exams so that it might makes them feel unmotivated and pessimistic. I take french, english, maths, art, drama, chemistry and biology. My subjects are well rounded and I have a variety from arts to sciences. So far I feel happy and comfortable in my position which is how i've always felt at NCBIS. NCBIS is a great school and we as students are very lucky to have as many leadership opportunities and educational possibilities. Additionally, the school environment is very welcoming and homely. So far in this leadership retreat we have showed many attributes that typical leaders do such as the ability to motivate others, not give up, be passionate, good listeners, make sure people support others, celebrate when necessary and making sure everyone is okay. I take part in after school activities such as volleyball and last year I went on a school excursion to Abu Dhabi for netball which taught me to be a team player and a better listener/communicator.

Derin Kulbul
Prefect 2

My name is Derin Kulbul and I am currently in year 11CC, doing the 2nd year of my GCSEs. I am interested in subjects such as Computer Science, History, Maths and Chemistry. This year, I have the role of prefect in NCBIS' student leadership team. My intentions for the school environment is to 'bring out the best in everyone' to the best of my abilities. I will always try and take part in school activities and events and make sure that every participant has a good time. I appreciate all the opportunities the school provides especially the school events so as a prefect I hope to motivate other students to take part. If anyone is ever in need of any help, I will always be here to assist. I believe I am a good role model who is responsible, approachable and positive. I understand what it feels like to be new or confused which is essentially why I took on this role, to help people be more confident in the school environment.

Milena Sebhatu Milena Sebhatu
Prefect 1

My name is Milena, I am in year 10 and I am currently a prefect. I have just started my first year of GCSE's and my favourite subjects are English, Drama, and PE. I am a friendly, optimistic and hardworking person. What interested me to become a prefect is that you are more involved in our friendly school community and as a prefect, you have a lot of responsibilities in the school. As we will have to welcome new students, help in after school activities, regulate the tranquility in the library and help in assemblies. Moreover, prefects need to be role models to younger students, communicate well with others, be co-operative and approachable as well as being responsible. I am happy as well as grateful to be a prefect and I am excited to see what this new school year offers to prefects as well as the leadership team.