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Our LocationRoad 17, 1st District, 3rd Zone, 5th Settlement, New Cairo, Egypt

Primary House Captains

Fire House:
Nehal Saxena – Hi! My name is Nehal. I am ten years old. I was born in Macedonia. I originally come from India. I love baking and spending time with my family especially my brother. Go Fire House!
Belal Khan – I am from Egypt and England. I love working with dogs, my favourite food is pizza.
Water House:
Nour Omran – I love to swim and I am ten years old. I am in class 6 EP. I am a very happy person and I hope to see you all bloom into beautiful butterflies.
Berge Touloumbodjian – One of my favourite things to do is to climb and cliff dive. I wanted to be house captain but was up against some serious competition. When I found out I was going to win, I was overjoyed.
Earth House
Scarlett Purdy – My hobbies are horse riding, football, swimming, and netball. I wanted to be House Captain to help improve our school and follow in my brother’s footsteps.
Irene Mirales – I like to play football and do horse riding and I am Earth House Captain.
Air House
Omar Salem – I am the Water House Captain. I like football and I don’t like basketball. I want to improve on Maths and English.

Zuha Ali – Before I was nervous to be House Captain but now I am so excited to be your House Captain.