• Opening Hours 7:30 - 15:30



Our LocationRoad 17, 1st District, 3rd Zone, 5th Settlement, New Cairo, Egypt

Primary Play Leaders

We are the NCBIS Playleaders, we are students from year 5 and 6. Our job is to be on duty every lunch time to make sure that breaktimes are active, fun, friendly, inclusive and safe places to be. Our job is to:

  • organise games to play;
  • referee football games;
  • be responsible for lending out the equipment the children can play with;
  • help make the playground safe, happy and a friendly place for all.


We love being Playleaders and completed a Playleader training programme to make sure we were ready to deal with the challenges and conflicts during breaktimes. Each of us has developed our social skills, self-management skills and confidence in making us very responsible and principled playleaders.