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Our LocationRoad 17, 1st District, 3rd Zone, 5th Settlement, New Cairo

Application Process

When to apply for 2019-2020:
For families who are already located in Cairo we shall be accepting applications on the following dates:
1st – 31st January 2019
For families who are relocating from overseas, please could you contact our Admissions Office directly using the following email addresses.  We can then make suitable arrangements with you taking into account details such as your expected arrival date and any orientation visits you may be making.
In addition to completing all of the forms below, pupils are required to complete a baseline academic assessment. All required supporting documents, listed at the top of the application form, must also be submitted before we can begin to process an application.
Click here to see the age groups and equivalents for 2018-2019
Additionally, there are a number of other policies, which may not strictly relate to admissions but should be read and understood by all parents at the school.
For information as to the NCBIS fee structure, please contact the admissions department at admissions@ncbis.co.uk or the finance department at finance@ncbis.co.uk.