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Tuition and Fee Schedule for 2018/2019

NCBIS is an NGO under the jurisdiction of the Heliopolis Society for English-speaking foreigners, and for that reason can only admit students holding foreign nationality or dual citizenship.

The academic year is split into three terms, namely Term One from September to December, Term Two from January to April and Term Three from April to June.

Payment Methods:

Payment through HSBC:

Bank Details:

Bank Name: HSBC

Account #: GBP 002-023-075-111/ EGP 002-023075-001

Name: Heliopolis Society for the Cultural and Social Care

Swift Code: EBBKEGCX

Bank Draft/ Telegraphic Transfer

Direct Cash Deposit through School bank account listed above.


Payment Method through the School:

Visa/ Master Card: is used for only the Egyptian Pounds fees after adding 2% credit card charges.

Payments must include all the various beneficiary charges; the school will charge for any shortfall in the amounts owing.

Student Name and Year Group to be clearly written on the Bank Deposit Slip or the Bank Transfer Form.

When making payment to the school bank account, a copy of the payment instruction should be sent to the NCBIS Finance Department by email: finance@ncbis.co.uk

Terms Payment:


Invoices Issued Payment Deadline

Term 1

15th June 2018

30th July 2018

Term 2

1st November 2018

16th December 2018

Term 3 1st February 2019

18th March 2019

Invoices for each school term fees including payment terms & conditions will be issued and distributed to parents through registered letter & e-mails as per above schedule. Note: Parents may elect to pay yearly fees in one go. Parents preferring such payment should contact NCBIS Finance department immediately upon receipt of the term 1 invoice, in order to receive a revised invoice covering the whole school year.

In case of EGP payments for GBP amounts, as the exchange rate, EGP/GBP is set each term, adjustments may be required later-on resulting into either a credit note or an additional invoice.  

Due to the volume of new student applications and limited availability of places, the school retains the right to allocate the place to another student (on the waiting list) in case the fees have not been paid in full by the payment deadline.

It is the responsibility of the parent to contact the Finance Office if no bill has been received within the above mentioned schedule.  Not receiving a copy of the bill will not be accepted as a reason for non-payment of term fees.

In case tuition fees are paid later than the designated deadline the school reserves the right to request parents for the next school year(s) for an upfront payment of the tuition fees for the entire year. Such a requirement will be communicated in writing to the parents.

n case due invoices are not paid prior to the “first day of term”, the school reserves the right to not allow children to attend the school until the full invoices have been paid.

Payment Discount

A 3% discount on the tuition fees and the building fund is offered if invoices are fully settled within twenty days of invoice date. Please note that the discount will not apply under any circumstances for any payment after this date.

Student Withdrawal

Refund on tuition fees and building fund in case of withdrawal of the student:

  • A refund of 100% in case the withdrawal date is prior to the “term invoice due date”
  • A refund of 50 % in case the withdrawal date is between the “term invoice due date” and “first day of term”
  • No refund in case of withdrawal “after the first day of term”.

Verbal notification of withdrawal is not acceptable. Notification should be made in writing to the Finance Office with a copy to the Head of School (Primary / Secondary). Please note that refund will depend on the date of receipt by the Finance Office. An acknowledgment of receipt will be sent to parents.

Refundable Deposit (non-interest bearing)

  1. This Fee is refundable and the school will repay the balance of this deposit in EGP only upon the final departure of the student, after ensuring that the student account is settled in full.
  2. If the refundable deposit is paid by other than the Parent, the deposit shall be refunded to the payer, unless the school receives written authorization from the payer to refund Parent directly.
  3. A written notice is required before withdrawing your children from NCBIS. Failure to give due notice will result in the deduction of all tuition and other fees, relevant to the discrepant period of notice, from the refundable deposit held by the school.  

Partial Fees

For those students using the bus service one way (morning or afternoon) 75% of the termly bus fees will be charged. No reduction on bus fees is given in case students are suspended from bus service.

Under no circumstances will discounts be granted for students who have a reduced timetable or for whom periods of voluntary absence are granted. e.g. in the case of study leave granted to GCSE or IB students.

Students enrolling after the start of the term will be charged the full term fees, except if starting after midterm when only half term fees will be charged. The school is unable to calculate fees on a pro-rata basis.

Students leaving NCBIS for a short period wishing to maintain their place on roll

Absence request to be evaluated on termly basis upon which academic approval may be granted.

Full payment of Tuition Fees must be made for the period of absence within the designated deadline.

Force majeure

In the event of force majeure, which causes a student or students to withdraw from the school when fees have already been paid, these fees will not be refunded. Force majeure is defined as an event or effect, such as civil disturbances, acts of war and other civil, political or military events, labor unrest, earthquakes, nuclear disaster and extreme weather conditions that cannot be anticipated or controlled and would adversely affect school’s financial condition. This policy is necessary to protect the school’s financial interest with a view to continuing operations after the force majeure event has passed.

Changes to School Fees Structure

Levels of fees and other charges, as well as terms and conditions of payment, for students at NCBIS, are subject to a change and increase, once approved by the Board of Directors.