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Student Support

NCBIS provides a range of student support services over and above the pastoral care that classroom and form tutors provide. The school has a student counsellor, as well as several learning support teachers and English language teachers in each section of the school to provide students with additional support wherever it is needed.

Student Support Services

Meeting your child’s individual needs

NCBIS fosters an environment where students are encouraged to achieve their full potential. They are supported in a sensitive manner and their efforts and successes are fully celebrated. Students develop a high level of self-esteem and are encouraged to perceive themselves as effective, lifelong learners who embody the attributes of the International Baccalaureate Organisation’s earner Profile. It is normal to expect that, at times, some students will experience difficulties at various stages in their education.

Students can experience a diverse range of difficulties, including social-emotional-behavioural difficulties, language and learning difficulties. There are procedures in place to ensure that these students with individual needs are identified as early as possible. These students are provided with appropriate and highly effective levels of support, based on their specific needs, strengths and areas of interest. As professionals, we identify an individual’s strengths and weaknesses using a range of data obtained from standardised test results, observation, school reports, discussions with the students, discussions with parents and through obtaining relevant specialist reports such as educational-psychological testing.

Students experiencing difficulties at school receive a variety of support, either in-class or withdrawn, depending on the students’ identified needs. Some examples of the types of support students receive include:

Individual Educational Needs Support

Students with identified learning difficulties receive in-class or withdrawn support from Learning Support staff who assist in differentiating the curriculum. For some students, educational outcomes may be improved through the collaborative development of Individual Educational Plans.

English as an Additional Language (E.A.L.) Support

Students who have English as an Additional Language and who have difficulties accessing the curriculum are supported by E.A.L. staff. Support is provided either in the classroom or through withdrawn support and may be on one-to-one or small group basis.

Gifted and Talented Programme

Some students are identified as being ‘gifted and/or talented.’ These students often display creative thinking skills, academic skills or sporting abilities which we would normally expect to observe in older students. These students participate in a Gifted and Talented Enrichment Programme which provides them with a range of activities (both in the school and in the wider community) aimed at further developing their skills and abilities, and an opportunity to ‘showcase’ their talents.

Occupational Therapy

The school works closely without outside specialists and may refer students for occupational therapy as required.