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Our LocationRoad 17, 1st District, 3rd Zone, 5th Settlement, New Cairo, Egypt

Secondary Student Council 2018/2019

Galal Abou El Dahab
Head Boy

My name is Galal and I am the current Head Boy at NCBIS. Whilst recognising the astonishing opportunity to prompt change, I comprehend the impeccable duties and responsibilities placed upon myself and the leadership team to meet those demands. Attending NCBIS from 2005, I am proud to say that for 13 years NCBIS has been my home and shaped the individual I am today, whether by instilling academic excellence, perserverance and resilience or the compassioante welcoming mindset that encomposses NCBIS. Independent from my academic life, I thoroughly enjoy a wide range of sports, predominantly football, and am an active member of numerous school teams proudly representing NCBIS and Egypt wherever we go. I wish to use my experiences and skills from Egypt and NCBIS to excel at university level where I aim to study Philosophy, Politics and Economics. A patriotic and proud member of the Egyptian population!

Lily Smith
Head Girl

My name is Lily and I'm Head Girl at NCBIS, a huge responsibility and honourable position to hold. As Head Girl I intend to lead and motivate my fellow students and work my hardest to make NCBIS the best it can be. I'm also co-chair of the executive student council, a peer mentor, and a Leader of Learning for the English department. Juggling that with the IBDP, you can tell I'm quite busy! I'm currently taking art, history, English Lang/lit, French, biology, and math studies. I love reading everything I can get my hands on, writing anything from poems to stories to essays, cooking, making art, and spending time with my friends. I came to NCBIS in August of 2017 from Canada and was surprised and blessed with how welcoming both NCBIS and Egypt itself was! I plan on returning to Canada for the university to study either political science or creative writing (or possibly both – why not?), but I will be sure to return to visit as I've made incredible memories here and I will genuinely miss the place.

Nadeen Darwish
Student Council Year 8

Hi, my name is Nadeen and I am the Student Council Representative for Year 8. This is my fourth year here at NCBIS and I applied for this role because I am extremely passionate about improving our future here at NCBIS. I decided to run for Student Council because I love conversing with different people, as well as hearing their ideas and perspectives. I strongly believe that this is a very important quality to have when communicating with other students. I am also a very approachable person, as I am open and friendly towards everyone, which makes it really easy for people to talk to me! I would love to help improve our school and make everybody feel at home and confident here at NCBIS!

Asya Slama
Student Council Year 9

My name is Asya, and I am the student council representative for year 9. This is my second year at NCBIS, and my first time holding a leadership position. I like reading, baking and playing basketball. I applied for this role as I felt that students who weren't able to communicate their ideas needed somebody to speak up for them. I think there are many things to improve and give to this school and being part of the Student Council is a perfect opportunity to make changes and improvements.

Ahmad Malik
Student Council Year 10

Hello everyone! My name is Ahmad Malik and I am in year 10. I am the executive student council for year 10 this year and am truly excited about it! Some of the subjects that I am taking are Biology, Physics, Chemistry, GCSE PE and Business. The reason I signed up for student council and wanted to be student council is that over the time span of 7 years in NCBIS, I have built and improved my leadership skills in physical education and extracurricular activities. Along with my responsibility of student council I have also taken up the role of leader of learning for physical education which links with student council as It is also a leadership role and also helps me get closer my year group. Because of this, I have a burning desire and passion to help other people and make their lives better. I love to put other people first because it shows the level of respect and selflessness which is an essential part of leadership. This is my first time to be student council, however, I come with many great skills and attributes that can help bring out the best in everyone and everything!

Joyce Wassef
Student Council Year 11

My name is Joyce Wassef, and I'm currently in 11JN. This is my 13th year in NCBIS. This means that I consider it as my second home. I am honored to take on this role, as me and my year group are coming to an end of our GCSE journey and many people will be relocating. Therefore, I want to make this a memorable and remarkable year for my colleagues. I believe that there are things that can be improved on in our school and I want to give the student body a voice. So I thought this role would be a great opportunity to do that.

Shaunak Kulkarni
Student Council Year 12

My name is Shaunak and I am in year 12. This is my second consecutive year representing my grade through the student council. Moreover, my goal to help integrate my classes thoughts and ideas. In addition this, I enjoy representing the people, hence being a student council representative is my honour.