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Student Council

Welcome to the Secondary School Student Council 2017-2018

[info title=”Year 7 – Student Council Representative”]

My name is Lara Elmanzalawi and in the student council representative for year 7, I applied for student council so I could be the voice for people who don’t have the courage to speak up. I would also like to connect the students with the school and make NCBIS a better learning environment for everyone. One of my favorite subjects is science because no matter what, you’re always learning how to do things even if it’s a way to do something wrong which makes you a step closer to doing it right. I love NCBIS and hope to make it an even better place for everyone[/info]

[info title=”Year 8 – Student Council Representative”]

My name is Abdullah Ageel i am in year 8 and I am 12 years old my role is the year 8 student counselor so I am the student voice for the year 8s and I am here to represent the student body. I am exactly like all the year 8s but I was chosen to represent them and model the way for them. We share a vision that will lead us to where we want to be and if you don’t believe in anything then you won’t achieve anything. I think that becoming the school counselor for my year group is the start of my journey of the 1000 miles to where I want to be when I am older. I don’t think that if you are a student leader then you are more special than someone else, I believe in equality.[/info]

[info title=”Year 9 – Student Council Representative”]

My name is Liyong Lado. I am the Student Council Representative for year 9. I have great interest in music and tennis. I have a passion for netball as well, my position is GA (Goal Attack). I also very much enjoy baking – ESPECIALLY CAKES! I do gymnastics out of school too. I generally enjoy all subjects but mainly my favourites are Biology, Chemistry, PE, Maths and Drama. I think as a student council representative my role is important to the school because it puts the student body’s interests forward and develop them in order to make school a better place for everyone – especially at NCBIS because our mission statement is ‘bringing out the best in everyone’. I applied for this role because I felt like I was going to have a great experience leading a big number of people as well as I thought that as a group I can work with everyone and bring out suggestions and positivity and I think the impact I would like to have is unity and optimism to push us beyond the limits. I like that NCBIS is a school that gives many opportunities and this allows a more open-minded positive attitude between students. It allows our minds to think ‘outside the box’ too. These points really tie in with my personal goal for this year towards my leadership. [/info]

[info title=”Year 10 – Student Council Representative”]

My name is Christina Cassis, I am in year 10 and my leadership position is student council. My subjects of interests are physics and computer science. Interests of mine are art and travel. N.C.B.I.S has been part of my life for 5 years now and I became a student leader to be part of the positive change in school, impacting our everyday experience at N.C.B.I.S. The role of student council is important , student council gives a voice to the student body, I talk with my peers about how their own suggestions, concerns and interests can be met by working towards a common goal.[/info]

[info title=”Year 11 – Student Council Representative”]

Hello, My name is Shaunak Kulkarni, I have been in NCBIS for 1 year and am currently in year 11. This year I am a happy to have been elected as part of the Student Council. I am the representative of my year group and represent their thoughts and concerns within the school. I am in the final year of my IGCSE program, but through this challenging time I will try my best to present the views of my peers. During school, I enjoy studying subjects such as: mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and business. Other than studies, I find that my interests mainly lay in sports, for example: swimming, table tennis and cricket. I believe that the student council plays an important role in the major changes that take place in our school. This is the reason why I became a part of the council. I want to be a key part of these changes that happen all around school.[/info]

[info title=”Year 12 – Student Council Representative”]

Hello, my name is Zeina el Deeb and I am the House Captain for Water and Student Council Representative for Year 12. I’m Egyptian however, i’ve managed to learn so much throughout my time in NCBIS from the diverse number of cultures and ethnicities. I enjoy History, Psychology and English, and also enjoy taking part in a range of different sports outside of school. Being a student leader is such a great opportunity to learn how to communicate and work collaboratively in a team. Becoming a House Captain allows me to spread my positivity and team spirit throughout each and every water house member. Being apart of the Student Council allows people me to be a representative for such an intelligent and bright year group and my goal is to make everyone’s voice heard loud and clear.[/info]

[info title=”Year 13 – Student Council Representative”]

 My name is Abdullahi Mohamed and I am the Year 13 Student Council representative for this year. This being my last year in NCBIS, I am excited to be in a position where my input can be of benefit to the school, giving back to the community I am part of and students in my year group. I have been at NCBIS for 4 years and I will study politics and Economics in university next year.[/info]