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Our LocationRoad 17, 1st District, 3rd Zone, 5th Settlement, New Cairo

Student Voice

It is vital that our students have a say in their learning and their life at school.  We have a comprehensive structure in place which includes the Student Council, Prefects and House Representatives.  Along with the Head Boy and Head Girl these bodies are able to impact the school on behalf of their peers.

Head Boy and Head Girl 2017-2018

My name is Paulina Sanchez and I am Head Girl of NCBIS. I come from Mexico and I arrived to our school in October 2016. I’ve been loving every single life experience in Egypt since then.

The current higher level subjects I take for the IB programme are History, Visual Arts, English Language and Literature, and my standard level subjects are Sport and Health Science, Math Studies and German. I speak three languages, which are Spanish, English and German.

My favorite activity at school is MUN because I enjoy learning about other countries, cultures and global issues. Leadership experiences such as MUN conferences have sparked my interest on pursuing a career on International Relations and Political Science when I go to university.

My year class is amazing. They are vibrant, friendly and open minded. We all come from different nationalities, backgrounds and stories… and the way I see it, I have a piece of every part of the world with me.  I feel proud to belong in the the Senior Class of 2018, I believe we will run the world someday. The thing I like the most from NCBIS is our cultural diversity. As Head Girl, I have the opportunity to embrace our unique individual differences. I love making everyone feel appreciated and this is something I want to live up to. Feel free to contact me for anything.

My name is Marwan Riad and I am Head Boy. My Higher Level subjects in the IB diploma programme are Mathematics, Physics and Business management. My Standard Level subjects are History, English Literature and French. I play Water Polo in Heliopolis Sporting Club which I spend a lot of my time doing as it is my passion. I also play Rugby, Basketball and Football for
fun. I also workout in the gym and track. I am an approachable individual I am honored to be NCBIS Head Boy for 2017-2018, as it is a position which is the first step in leadership and which I wish to build upon when I graduate. I also want to offer something back to the school which has done so much for me.