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Challenges Week

Challenges Week sees all students from the Secondary school have the chance to join a week of experiential learning outside of the classroom walls.  Please read the following article:

Education without walls – Article written by G. Hurrell (Ex-Principal) after the March 2014 Challenges’ Week.

Philosophy and rationale

“Challenges week” forms part of our wider experiential curriculum and is part of our “Learning for Life” programme at NCBIS. Challenges week activities provide rich, character building experiences that we hope will awaken a student’s interest, or spark a passion in areas that they may never have experienced previously.

(NB Although the CAS focus of our trips relates to the philosophy of IBDP CAS, no trip counts towards fulfilling the IBDP CAS requirements)

These areas include:
C – creativity, culture & curriculum
A – action & adventure
S – service

(NB Although the CAS focus of our trips relates to the philosophy of IBDP CAS, no trip counts towards fulfilling the IBDP CAS requirements)

NCBIS believes that Challenges week should serve the purpose of enhancing the standard curriculum and provide students with opportunities for cultural enrichment, service to others, adventure activities and travel, whilst making the student body more internationally minded and better global citizens.  The NCBIS programme is designed to give students the experiences that will inspire them and which fit in with the ethos of the IB diploma programme at NCBIS. Challenges week looks to provide unique educational experiences and we strongly believe that it provides NCBIS students with an edge when they apply to future colleges and universities.

Objectives of NCBIS Challenges week

  • To reinforce self-esteem and provide a sense of achievement
  • To partake in an activity that is unique, challenging, and educational
  • To provide opportunities for service learning, adventure and both curricular and cultural experiences
  • To enjoy authentic outdoor experiences, where they may be challenged both mentally and physically
  • To reinforce skills and content from the existing curriculum, or learn new skills
  • To gain an increased sense of independence and responsibility
  • To learn to co-operate in a group situation with their peers as well as adults
  • To allow students the opportunity to forge stronger links between the classroom and the wider world
  • To understand new cultures, people, places, economies and environments
  • To be curious about, and sensitive to, human diversity; including the cultures and social issues of the host country
  • To work and communicate effectively and sensitively with people from diverse backgrounds, life-styles, and cultures

Our aim is to provide a wide range of activities with a range of independence and cost, so that all students can access an experiential learning week, fulfilling one or more of the objectives above.

Challenges Week Terms and Conditions:

Challenges Week Terms and Conditions

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Kevin Rossall, Deputy Head of Secondary, at kevin.rossall@ncbis.co.uk