As you may be aware NCBIS is a majority expat school and in order to maintain this, we are required to have a certain percentage of Expats and Dual Nationals.
However, we can keep your children's names on our waiting lists should a place become available in the next academic year.

1. Application

Please find below the forms you need to download, fill, sign, scan and email back to us on to start the application process

Important Notes:

- Please check expiry dates on all passports, it is essential that your children’s passport is valid when making an application to NCBIS.
- We require the last 2 years of school reports, vaccination history and passport copies of the child and parents and a copy of the birth certificate and 2 passport size photos. Please send all attachments as PDF files.
- Society Membership is (1 for each parent, and should be handed only to admissions).

Admission Forms

Application Form

Medical Form

Society Membership

School Fees Guidance 2020-2021

Transport Request Form and Declaration

For Reference

Transport Policy

Primary School Handbook

Secondary School Handbook

Admissions & Recruitment Policies


Equal Opportunities

Acceptable Use

2. Assessment

  • An assessment is required before entry to the school, this will be scheduled after completing all required admissions forms and documents if there is a place available for your child.
  • Please, note that an offer of an assessment does not guarantee entry to the school.
  • Please be advised that the assessment fee of EGP 1560, or GBP 70, or USD 90 needs to be paid prior to having the assessment (any transfer charges should be carried by the applicant). Once payment is made, kindly send us a confirmation email with proof of payment to proceed with the assessment.
  • This fee is (Non-Refundable) payable in cash or by visa credit card  (With an additional 3% charge) at the school cashier on the assessment day.
  • You are welcome to wait at the reception while your child is being assessed

Admissions Department

Admissions Department will be overseeing the following aspects of your child’s admission:

  • receipt of application forms, School tours, arrangements for admissions assessments, interviews with the relevant Head of School.
For Further Inquiries
Admissions Department

+2 (012) 2959 6953only within the school hours (7:30 to 15:30)