Starting CAS creatively!

Our 2017 CAS Fair was itself a glimpse of the CAS Philosophy that permeates everything we do in our IB Diploma Programme, offering its own creative approach to the multitude of service activities on offer at NCBIS. Or better said, service-learning activities, which make such a real difference in the local Cairo, and wider international, community.

The CAS Fair introduced enthused Year 12 students to our existing and proposed activities, whether sports-focused, service or creativity. Finding out more about CAS, and signing up to be part of experiences that will count towards their CAS programme, should well be part of a lifelong learning experience for them as well as contribute to an impressive Personal Statement for university admission.

We are extremely grateful for the participation of our partner organisations like the Association for the Protection of the Environment, Environmental Protection and Education Association, FACE for Children in Need, TAWSEELA and some individuals like Ms. Arpy (piano teacher), who provide us with such valued support, as well as opportunities for our students to learn such important new skills, including empathy, reflection, organisation and even humility.

It doesn’t get much more creative than that, and the smiles on the faces reflect a desire to “bring out the best in everyone”. It’s going to be a great CAS year, with Service rightly at the very core of our IB education, as it represents the heart and soul of who we are here at NCBIS.