Celebration of Success

Celebration of Success

In a memorable celebration, NCBIS was honoured to welcome Mr. Jeff Streeter, Director of the British Council in Egypt, to both express his definition of success, as well as present trophies and awards to many of our students.  Mr. Streeter’s eloquent words were a fitting and powerful message for our students, as he urged them to continue to take every opportunity that an International school like NCBIS provides, including the skills for life-long, internationally-minded learning. Praise indeed from an institution so universally recognised as the British Council; and of course NCBIS is proud of our links with the Council and many of its staff.

Bedecked by a stunning art display, and flower-adorned stage, the ceremony opened with Wout Van Dyck interpreting “Hercules Poirot” by Christopher Gunning, on the saxophone. Success at NCBIS comes in many forms, and both artistic impression and music were important features of the day, with other musical interludes by Jamielia Stark and Hoda El Sayed (“Burn” by Lin Manuel Miranda); “Cherry Wine” by Hazier, performed on acoustic guitar by Pierre Thienpont and finally a rousing classical rendition of “An die Music” by Schubert, interpreted by Lana Ben Halim.

Principal Raymond Williams bid farewell to students, staff and families in his final address to NCBIS, and congratulated all students, prize winners or otherwise, on another remarkable year at NCBIS, quoting examples from Sports tournaments at home and abroad, exam results at all levels, university admissions, science fairs, poetry, music, productions, International Award, Model United Nations as well as a host of other notable successes.  For the Board of Governors, Vice Chair, Mr Luc Van Dyck replied, thanking our school community for their support and energy, allowing us to achieve such remarkable successes for a relatively small school, keeping us at the forefront of International and IB World Schools in the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa).

Traditionally, the final word goes to the incoming Head students, Paulina Sanchez Osario and Marvan Riad, who presented their predecessors, Amira El Badrawy and Christian Philip, with their service award; while wishing all members of our community a safe and happy summer holiday.  Another remarkable event, a few tears of happiness (and nostalgia by visiting alumni), and the opportunity to wish our families “Eid Fetr Mubarak” as well as a relaxing and well-deserved summer holiday.


Trophy Awards:

  1. COBIS Student Achievement: Marguerite Julia and Rhea Agarwal
  2. CIS Award: Roman Porazinski
  3. Service to the MUN: Rachel Williams
  4. Excellence in Music: Wout Van Dyck
  5. Julius Porazinski Library Award: Aoife O’Neill and Alastair Struthers
  6. Services to the Performing Arts: Pierre Thienpont
  7. Sportswoman of the Year Marguerite Julia; Sportsman, Ahmed Abdelhalim
  8. Outstanding House Leadership: Malaka Badr and Roman Porazinski
  9. Outstanding Student Council Member: Sofia Piza
  10. Outstanding Prefect: Alinafe Likhwide
  11. Academic Excellence in year 13: Amelie Loubens
  12. Outstanding effort in Year 13: Christian Philip and Aaron Mathe
  13. Head Student Service awards: Amira El Badrawy and Christian Philip

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