Hayah MUN conference

Hayah MUN conference

Last weekend, 9 students from NCBIS attended the Hayah MUN conference, which had the theme of “pulses” . During the opening ceremony, we were treated to an excellent speech from Omar Nour, the famous Egyptian athlete, who discussed how to persevere even in dire circumstances (he attempted to row across the Atlantic recently!), and how to succeed. His motto is #livewithPassion , which he also exuded during his speech.

Our 9 students participated in 7 different forums, representing delegations from Georgia, Ireland, UK, Algeria, Spain Poland, Nigeria and Jordan, across the Security Council, UNODC, and Human Rights Council, to name but three. We were highly impressed with all our participating students, who got stuck into debates with students from 13 other schools across Cairo. During the three days, they discussed issues such as combatting sexual violence in conflict zones, establishing measures to resolve territorial disputes in the South China Sea and combatting discrimination against ethnic minorities.

We were very proud of the extent to which our 9 students got involved in debate, and they were able to make excellent points of information, despite many of them being first time attendees at an MUN conference. In particular Nikolaos Chaitas was singled out for his excellent contributions in the Arab League forum. Well done to all our NCBIS delegates and we look forward to more debating in the months ahead!

Some quotes from our NCBIS delegates

The conference was interesting, fun, with fruitful debate. –(Nikolaos Chaitas)

“I don’t know where to start about my second MUN conference. The whole experience was astonishing and memorable! Something I will never forget.” (Sanchi Havanagi)

“HIAMUN conference was a very fun weekend. and I would definitely do it again.” (Laila Rafaat)

“Best first experience, I wish I could do Security Council every single year and have the same people there. It was an amazing time and I had a blast!!” (Yassin Khalifa)

Sarah Newton/Chantal Clarke/Roxanne Christer/Jennifer Novak – MUN Director