Examination Grades, 2017

Examination Grades, 2017

NCBIS Celebrates Outstanding Examination Grades, 2017

While England bemoans falling GCSE grades due to the harder 9-1 GCSE examinations that have recently raised the academic bar, NCBIS celebrated another excellent year, with possibly the best results ever! True to our motto, we do bring out the best in everyone!

The entire Year 11 cohort (and staff) are to be congratulated for both their excellent academic preparation and examination maturity, but special praise must go to Sabrina Perrenoud with 11 A* and an additional A at AS German, in the same sitting. When you consider that Sabrina, like most of our students, was answering world bench-marked examinations in her second language, then the accomplishment becomes even more staggering. It’s unlikely that Sabrina’s attainment will be bettered for a while, but with our “we can attitude”, several students will have it in their sight!

So what were the statistics that made even NCBIS sit up with pride?

43% A* and A  grades – around 20% higher than the UK mean

78% A*-C grades – well over 20% higher than the UK mean

100% A* -F, where UK records A*-G.


It is hard to identify one department for special mention as all staff were involved in exam preparation, mentoring and supporting our students, but as a British School, we can be really proud of our first language English results – a subject which everybody takes. English is certainly not the mother-tongue of most students, but it is the gateway to university success and a truly global career, while obviously maintaining their home language and culture.  An A*-C pass rate  of 97.8% would be the envy of most schools, closely followed by 93.5% in Literature.  We would also like to highlight that that students taking History, Statistics, German, ICT and not surprisingly additional 2nd language English, all achieved a 100% A*-C pass rate.

In summary, an amazing set of IGCSE results, both at CIE and Edexcel, but not one to be complacent with! We continue to strive to support our students to their potential, being “Mission driven and Vision led”.


The NCBIS Mission is:


“To provide a learning environment that supports academic achievement whist promoting personal growth through the attributes of the IB Learner Profile, within a caring international community committed to the traditional values of honesty, courtesy, respect, integrity and fair play.”